write an essay in an hour

Write an Essay in an Hour

All students have to write essays since elementary school. It is a common kind of academic activity, and all get used to them. There are various types with various purposes. Diversity sometimes puzzles learners. Besides, various requirements may puzzle them as well. Students spend a lot of time to fulfill them all and frequently run out of time. Many of them claim that it is impossible to write an essay fast enough to meet a 3-hours deadline. Others get shocked when they need to write an essay in an hour.

Why do students have such urgent deadlines? Teachers do not give so short time limits. Oftentimes, students are guilty because they simply forget about some of their tasks. As a result, there appear questions, such as – Can someone tell me how to write an essay in an hour? Who is able to write my essay in 3 hours? Our informative guide will try to give you the right insights. It explains how to meet the shortest deadlines. And yes, it is really possible to complete an essay in 60 minutes. Read on if you want to learn the vital tricks.

Prepare a List of Topics Beforehand

Students are commonly given the freedom of choice for the topics they will cover. When they try to select a good topic, it surely takes some time. When you have an hour left, time becomes really precious. Therefore, it is wise to prepare various topic lists for possible urgent essays. Try to create several lists in different academic fields to be sure you have predicated all possible cases/

Outline for 5 Minutes

Although outlining takes some time, it’s better to create a writing plan. There are good reasons why it helps and explains how to write an essay in one hour. It makes you disciplined and organized. You will not waste precious minutes pondering what step must be taken next.  

Spend 10 Minutes on the Intro

If you want to know how to write an essay quickly, you should learn how to complete the introductory section really fast. You need to provide general facts about your topic. Choose the ones that are promising, but that do not reveal the answers. They will be given later.

Besides, prepare a good hook. You can grab the attention of your readers with the help of:

  • Shocking statement.
  • Anecdote;
  • Rhetoric question.
  • Citation, etc.

Just be sure it fully reflects the purpose of your essay. This section contains not more than 5 sentences.

Devote 25 Minutes to Write the Main Plot

You surely realize that the main plot is the biggest part of any essay. Accordingly, it requires more time. Give yourself about 25 minutes to deal with it.

How to write a good essay fast in the main plot? Thank your outline! It contains all the facts you want to mention and is in the right sequence. Thus, you will not waste a single second to right the body paragraphs. Just be sure your story is logical.

Write a Good Conclusion in 10 Minutes

One of the necessary steps to writing an essay is surely its conclusion. It consists of 3-5 sentences only. Restate the thesis statement, outline the main findings, and explain them in plain words.

Revise for 10 Minutes More

Finally, you need to revise the text, no matter how fast it must be submitted. Otherwise, you risk doing everything in vain. How to write an essay fast and revise it quickly? Read it quickly in your head. Afterward, use a good grammar checker. It will underline your grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. At times, such apps can check the right word choice and stylistics. Many students use them even they write a research paper and other complicated projects. It checks in less than a minute!


If you need to complete an essay fast, use the tips and tricks provided in our informative guide. They are universal and surely suit any essay type because there are definite things that can be applied to any piece of writing. In case you really have no time to finish the task on time, find professional essay writers. Their skills are excellent, and they surely know how to meet the most hopeless time limits.

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