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how to respond to an apology
Life Tips

How to Respond to an Apology

Having our feelings hurt is never nice. Even the most minor insult or slight can be painful. At the moment we can often react badly. An apology may be due and even come, but…

why is my tattoo itchy
Life Tips

Why Is My Tattoo Itchy? Causes & Treatment

It goes without saying that tattoos are very popular these days. People all over the world use them as a way to express themselves and stand out from the crowd. However, while everybody warns…

common funeral flowers
Life Tips

Common Funeral Flowers: What Do They Mean?

The passing of a friend or loved one calls for a moment of silence to honour their memory. The most fitting farewell would consist of funeral rites and a memorial service honouring the deceased’s…

should you floss before or after brushing
Life Tips

Question: Should You Floss Before or After Brushing?

When practicing good oral hygiene, mistakes are quite common as there is, unfortunately, a prevalence of myths and misinformation. An important question you don’t hear enough is should you floss before or after brushing?…