when did video slots come around

When Did Video Slots Come Around?

Slot games are the most popular casino games. Some people play them in casino buildings, while others play them online. As you enjoy video slots, have you ever asked yourself where it all started? Video slots have a history behind them – learn how to win on Hot Hot Fruit.

As the technology in the world has developed, slot games have also transformed into the modern video slots we play today. This article shows how video slots came into existence.

Sittman and Pitt’s Machine¬†

In 1891, a company based in New York came up with the idea that saw the birth of the true precursor of the first slot machine. The Pitt machine used a deck of 50 cards leaving out two cards to hand the house an advantage over the players.

The Sittman machine had a lever that, when pulled, would help run the five drums. The winners were determined after the drums had stopped rolling. The issue with the Pitt machine is that it lacked a payout system.

Over time, this machine gained popularity and was mainly situated in bars and restaurants. Due to the location of the machine and the lack of a payout system, winners were rewarded with drinks and cigarettes.

Charles Fey Machine 

In 1895, Charles Fey created a more straightforward and unique machine. This helped to reduce the five drums to three drums. The machine was now able to conduct automatic payouts to the winners.

Fey also substituted the fifty cards used in the Sittman machine with five symbols. These symbols were; hearts, diamonds, spades, liberty bells, and horseshoes.

The highest pay from this machine was when one could come up with three cracked liberty bells. Due to this, the machine earned its name, the liberty bell.

Money Honey Slot Machine

Money honey is deemed the father of electromagnetic slot machines. The reality of this innovation came to light in the year 1963. All the credit for the first electromagnetic machine goes to none other but a slot developer called Bally.

Bally ensured that the honey money machine had automatic payouts of up to 500 coins. It is also at this time that the end of using levers came. Players now controlled the machine with buttons that replaced the lever.

The money honey improvements helped attract even more people to slot games; thus, the machine gained more popularity.

Fortune Coin

Thirteen years later, in 1976, the Fortune coin company created a new and even better machine. The fortune coin was the first video slot machine. Unlike the previous layout, the fortune coin machine used a new Sony TV for display.

Fortune coin company installed the logic board to replace the mechanical background in the other machine.

Online Video Slots

In the 1990s, the Internet was gaining a lot of popularity. The Internet led to the birth of online casinos, thus leading to online video slots. Players could easily access the game online via their phones. As technology grows, so do online video slots.

Video slots have a rich history behind them. The modern world is dynamic, and video slots are not an exception. This article will help you to understand the background of video slot games.

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