what does wyll mean in texting

A Complete Guide: What Does WYLL Mean in Texting?

The term ‘WYLL’ is commonly used in TikTok captions and hashtags and it has several meanings. Although it was initially used on TikTok, this term has become very common on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

But what does WYLL mean exactly? This article offers you a complete list of the meanings of WYLL and examples of how it should be used in sentences.

What Does WYLL Mean in Texting?


WYLL is commonly used as an acronym for “What You Look Like?” Someone is likely to ask this question when they are texting with someone else on TikTok or Snapchat and they have no idea what the other person looks like. Just like other acronyms are used in texting, the term WYLL is shortened to simplify the conversation.

But before you include this term in your conversations, make sure that the other person you are texting with understands its meaning. This acronym can’t serve its purpose if your target audience doesn’t know its meaning.

Fortunately, most people who use this and similar terms are young and therefore they are conversant with different meanings of common slang words and phrases. That’s why these terms are commonly used on dating apps and social media platforms where slang is almost the official language.

Alternative Meanings


1. Family Name

WYLL can also be used as a person’s name. Historically, Wyll was used as a surname, especially in Britain and Ireland. Over time, the name evolved into different versions as different generations tried to sort people into various classes by places of origin, occupations, patronages, adoptions, parentages, clan affiliations, and physical characteristics. Some of the common surnames derived from Wyll include Will, Wylle, Well, Wyly, Wyllie, and many others.

The Wyll families also carried the name to other parts of the world where it eventually evolved into other names. Reports indicate that one of the first Wyll families arrived in the United States around the 1920s. One of these families lived in North Carolina and it represented about 25 percent of all documented Wylls in the USA.

North Carolina was among the few states that had the highest number of Wyll families in the 1920s. This information is readily available in the census and voter records that were made back then. These records offer specific details of the people who carried the name Wyll, including their names, ages, places of birth, current residences, and occupations.

2. An Admired Male

WYLL also refers to a majestic male who is admired by many beautiful females despite his off-putting habits like bullying other people. There’s something about him that seems to make females go crazy in the brain by his humongous genitalia. He is truly an absolute stunner and the epitome of fitness. He can travel miles, collapse, and travel another kilometer.

Examples of the Term WYLL in Sentences

• What you look like: “You seem cool, wyll?”
• What you look like: “Hey baby mama, you talk hot wyll?”
• Wyll: “Hey you see him over there, Venessa?” Venessa screams, “Holy shit it’s wyll, let me get in his bed right now – I’m going limp in the legs.”
• Will’s nickname: “Will spells his name as Wyll on games and social media.”
• What you look like: Person 1: Wyll? Person 2: Sends a selfie.
• What you look like: “Let me see wyll.”
• What you look like: “Do you show Wyll on the internet?”
• Wylle: “Wow that’s a Wylle!”

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