5 Reasons to Upgrade Your UTE with a Toolbox Canopy

Your UTE is one of the most versatile vehicles on the planet. It has everything you need, is durable, and goes at fantastic speeds. However, even the most versatile vehicles can get better, and one of the ways to do it is by installing a toolbox canopy over the rear tray.

A toolbox canopy is a specifically designed box in which you can place almost everything you think of. People use it for storing tools that they need for work, personal belongings they want to transport from one place to another, camping equipment, and much more.

A toolbox canopy is almost always made from aluminium. This material is the best solution as it is lightweight and durable. It will not add too much weight to your vehicle, meaning you won’t spend more on gasoline than the steel toolbox would make you, and on top of it, you can get it for a fair price. See some more reasons why you should add one to your UTE.

1. Perfectly organized storage area

The toolbox doesn’t have to be a simple box in which you can throw stuff inside. You can organize it to perfection. Aside from its looks, you can neatly arrange the inside of the toolbox by adding shelves, trundle drawers, additional smaller boxes, and much more.

Organizing your toolbox will allow you to store and always easily access everything you need. You might be a contractor and use various tools on your job, and with this kind of organization, you’ll never lose one item. They will always be where you left them the last time, which saves time and raises your productivity at the construction site.

Some people who are not working as contractors and have no need to store so many different tiny tools will use the toolbox storage area to organize it differently. Suppose you’re a camper. The inside of the box can be turned into a remote bedroom if you want to, which means that the options are as many as your imagination is.

2. Flawless weather protection

If you have ever used a UTE with an open rear tub, you know how it can be filled with water after a quick rain shower and ruin what you’re transporting. Many people love their UTEs for the simplicity of simply tossing their shopping bags in the back of the vehicle, but this comes at a price when the weather turns ugly.

When you own a toolbox canopy, you can store all your items in the back, close the toolbox, and never worry about the weather again. It can rain, snow, or even hail may fall over the toolbox, and it will not get damaged. The toolboxes are made of aluminium, which makes them weather-resistant.

The sun in the summer is also something to worry about. You can’t leave your tools under the open sky and risk melting under the hot sun. It may seem like something you can ignore, but plastic is easily destroyed on a hot summer day. Placing them in a toolbox means ultimate protection from it.

3. Improved looks of your vehicle

A UTE looks different from a classic city car. It is more robust, and with the open rear tub, it looks more like a truck, than a car. This is why Americans call it a truck. If you add a toolbox in the back, it becomes entirely different. Everyone agrees that a cool box improves the looks of the vehicle.

Aside from its looks, you’re getting much better aerodynamics. This is essential for wasting less gas and reaching higher speeds. When you decide to sell your UTE, the canopy will raise its price, and you’ll earn more from it. In other words, you’re getting better looks while driving it, and higher resale value.

4. Getting more storage area

You might think you’re closing down the rear tray and limiting its spaciousness, but it’s actually the other way around. When installing a toolbox canopy, you get the chance to store bigger and more robust objects inside without fearing they will fall off while driving.

The same stands for smaller items that are hard to keep in place. Roads are full of bumps and challenges which makes you lose control over the cargo. One pothole and your items will fall off. This can’t happen if you have the right toolbox. Add various box options and use them when necessary – from roof racks to bed boxes to undertray toolboxes.

5. Increased productivity at work

Working as a contractor means you need a variety of tools you use daily. A perfectly organized toolbox you always have on you will help you raise your productivity and always do a great job.

You may have a small plastic toolbox with the essential items, but you can’t store everything you own in it. Instead, a wider canopy in which enormous machines can also fit is the perfect solution for your needs.

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