typical mistakes while writing an essay

9 Typical Mistakes That You Should NOT Do While Writing an Essay

Writing an essay can be tricky, as you need to know the basic rules of writing and presentation. Thus, it starts with choosing a perfect topic, adding information side by side, and explaining the cause and effect with proper facts and figures.

Yet, even in those circumstances, some students often make mistakes, and that gets reflected in the grades they get

Hence, it brings us to your aid to assist you in creating a beautiful piece of long text without any mistakes whatsoever.

Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An Essay 

As discussed earlier, there are situations where students often need to correct their mistakes, which can put a poor impression on professors. Also, those errors get reflected in their poor grades.

Thus, it’s better to avoid them to get an A+ in the semester. Here is what you should look for after completing the essay –

1. Neglecting A Thesis Statement 

This is a common mistake students often need to correct while writing an essay. Neglecting a thesis statement makes your essay look directionless and incomplete. Further, it will only confuse readers if they know the essay’s main idea.

It is important to tell the readers what you are writing about and the outline you want to follow.

Therefore, you need to add a thesis statement to make your essay readable for the readers and give an idea of the article.

2. Repeating The Introduction 

Well, another mistake lies in repeating the introduction, as it is often found that students repeat the introduction in the conclusion. All they do is paraphrase a few words and change the tense, which is the reason why they get fewer marks on the paper.

The conclusion is important in the essay, where you can either give your opinion or explain the main points. Hence, it is a mistake you should avoid to get good grades.

3. Wrong Formatting 

Formatting is a key part of an essay, as it helps present the paper in a way that readers will be interested in going through. There are different types of formatting styles. Among them, you should follow one and structure your essay accordingly.

Hence, asking your professor for the formatting details would be best. Also, it would help if you looked out for the essay format, where you will structurize your content in an orderly manner.

In the body part, each paragraph should discuss one point at a time.

4. Typo Error 

I am familiar with this, as there have been times when my grades have gone down due to a few typo errors. It is simply the silliest mistake that can happen, even to great writers. Therefore, I suggest that you proofread your essay often in writing.

And if you are typing in MS Word or any other tool, use their spell checker to ensure everything is fair and good.

Therefore, if you need help writing your essay properly, you can visit the website Fresh Essays. An essay writing service can craft typo-free essays. Just visit their website and ask for the services.

5. Lack Of Citations 

Following the list of mistakes we are discussing, citations are one of the mistakes you shouldn’t be looking to make. It ensures the validity of the content of your essay, especially when you are adding certain facts or numbers.

Further, a lack of citations can nullify the validity of your research. Hence, you should add the appropriate amount of citations in the essay, enhancing the quality of the content you have added.

6. Plagiarism

Even in my university days, there have been numerous cases where students failed as they were caught plagiarising their content. It is considered one of the grievous sins in the academic world, which can jeopardize your academic career.

Ethics are an integral part of academics. Thus, you should write your paper with all honesty and give due credit to the person from whom you have taken the content. This will take you far in your academic career, from a student to a researcher to teaching students in college and school.

7. Lack Of Transitions Between The Paragraphs

Understandably, each paragraph in the essay differs from the other, but that does not reflect the fact that sections won’t have any connection.

One of the fundamental aspects of writing an essay lies in the transition words, as they connect one paragraph with the other one. Hence, to make your essay readable, you should add transitions, allowing the reader to understand the writing flow.

8. Too Many Subjects 

Another mistake students often make is adding too many subjects to the essay, which increases the chances of you deviating from the topic’s main idea. Further, adding too many issues to the essay makes readers need clarification.

Also, having various subjects will confuse you while framing the thesis statement. Hence, it is best to add one idea as a subject and then discuss its cause and effect. This way, your instructor won’t get confused and will know what you want to picture in your article.

9. Using Generic Titles And Content

One of the things I was taught in my freshman year was that I shouldn’t add generic titles in the essay, as it does not portray what I want to capture. Further, it will not be the perfect reflection of the content.

Thus, attaching the subject and including an action you will perform in the essay is wise. This will make your writing more eye-catching and readable to people.

Also, when it comes to content, it is better to stick to the facts you are stating and try to use your critical thinking to critique the facts. This will enhance the quality of your writing.

Hence, it would be best to avoid writing generic content because it won’t take you far in getting good grades in the semester. Further, you will increase the chance of the professor not going through your essay and not giving a remark to improve.

Essay Is A Work Of Art 

Every art form should have an artist who knows how to put forward their ideas and get their content to reflect their thoughts. Thus, when you engage yourself in writing an essay, ensure you avoid the mistakes mentioned earlier to get grades in your next semester.

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