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Trending Bridal Makeup: Styles and Techniques for the Modern Bride

On the biggest day of their lives, girls take their appearance very seriously. Wedding makeup is one of the main components of the bride’s style on her wedding day. Girls think through all the details in advance, as they want to look their best. Certainly, a professional stylist will help with makeup application, but we can teach you how to find your wedding makeup look.

Choosing Your Bridal Makeup

Usually, pros do the wedding makeup. On a big day like this, you really want to go with makeup artists who know what they’re doing. When picking out your bridal makeup, keep a few things in mind:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest styles to nail that perfect look.
  • Think about your skin and hair color.
  • Don’t forget your dress and hairstyle — everything should come together and look great as a whole.

Wedding Makeup for Brunettes

Brunettes are naturally striking and vivid, so their wedding makeup should be soft and gentle. Dark eyeshadows or overly saturated lips are not suitable for wedding makeup. Instead, makeup tips recommend using pastel, lilac, or lavender shades to highlight the bride’s beauty. As for the lips, any shade of pink is an excellent choice.

Wedding Makeup for Blondes

For fair-haired brides, it’s strongly advised to avoid yellow and orange shades in their wedding makeup looks. Beige, pastel, and pink will look much more harmonious. Eyeliner flicks at the corners of the eyes will perfectly accentuate the beauty of brides with light hair. Eyelashes can be done with brown or chocolate mascara. Lips are best painted with matte lipstick in pastel shades.

PRO Tip: For blondes, make sure your blush isn’t brighter than your lipstick. Aim for them to be about the same shade.

Unveiling the Hottest Wedding Makeup Trends

Bold and daring looks are back in style. From vibrant eye shadows to well-defined brows and lips that grab attention — let’s dive into the hottest trends of the year!

Glitter Makeup

Shine and sparkle are always in, so in 2024, makeup with glitter will be popular. Accentuate your eyes, and lips, or let your cheeks shine. If you love to sparkle, it’s your time to shine!

Golden Tones

Create a classic golden bridal look using metallic gold eyeshadows. Highlight your collarbones and decolletage with gold powder. Add expressiveness to your look by emphasizing facial features with a warm golden highlighter. Gold shades look fantastic on any skin tone and give it a soft glow. There are no strict rules for using gold in makeup, so the possibilities for experimentation are limitless.

Barbie Boom

Pink hues and spots – no competitors! This makeup option is definitely for bold brides. The main feature of the trend is that the shades of blush and lipstick should match. It’s essential to have flawless skin because the pink color will only accentuate imperfections.

Colored Lashes

Time to ditch the black mascara! The runway trend for 2023-2024 is clear: go bold and bright. Mix up your palette, and maybe throw in some fluffy lashes. Be daring, embrace the Prada model vibe, and stand out!

If all written above isn’t your thing, no worries — classic wedding makeup never goes out of style! You could also amp up your look with a bold smokey eye. Remember, it’s your big day! You get to call the shots on how you want to look.

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