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The Rise of Social Casinos: Understanding the Latest Online Entertainment Trend

The global pandemic has brought not only dire difficulties for every industry and people possible, but it has also brought the emergence of new and exciting types of entertainment. When people were to stay within the four walls, they needed at least something to dispel the gloom.

People locked at home found their entertaining way of escaping through virtual tours, online concerts, e-learning, and gaming. Moreover, social casinos won the hearts of many people who are fond of gambling. Not only have gamblers become engaged in online social casinos, but many other people who dreaded losing their money have become intrigued by this new and captivating entertainment.

To this day, the popularity of social casinos is not going anywhere. Why? It’s the safest way to gamble without emptying the wallet. However, it’s not actually gambling, since no real money is needed to play. Users explore the best online social casinos on LuckyGambler and enjoy their free time.

The new concept of online casinos turned out to be a hit. During the pandemic, such games brought a revenue of around one billion dollars. If 3 years ago the total gross revenue was more than 6 billion dollars, then in 3 years it’s expected to be about seven and a half billion dollars.

We’re going to cover why social casino games have grown so popular.

6 reasons why social casinos are in demand

1. Legal restrictions

The US federal and state laws imply legal restrictions on offline casinos. Forty-eight states can boast of allowing some kind of gambling, while the other two states have banned all gambling activities. Nonetheless, there are many types of offline casinos offering various types of games, so it’s not easy to find what you like and play it.

On the other hand, social casino games are not considered gambling. That’s why users can have online access to any game they like. Everything you played in land-based casinos, you can now play online.

2. Social engagement

People like land-based casinos not only for the games themselves. It’s about meeting new people, making acquaintances, and having fun in a laid-back setting. With the advent of the pandemic, all of this was beyond attainment. It was hard to stay alone within four walls. People needed social engagement more than anything at that time.

Social casino games gave social involvement to people and continue to do that. Users can chat with other gamers while playing games, discuss strategies, and make acquaintances without limitations. It’s not face-to-face, however, there’s some kind of excitement about it.

3. No money loss

Although playing poker and slot machines is fun, it’s all about losing money in most cases. The feeling and the atmosphere that land-based casinos give to players are fascinating. However, those high sensations make us wager more. It becomes an addiction that is hard to overcome.

Now sensation-seekers can get what they want without losing all their money. Actually, without losing any money. When you start playing social casino games you find out that you don’t need to add your bank card. New players get a bunch of Gold Coins which players can use to play any social casino game they want.

The most satisfying thing is that users can get tangible prizes for winning. Not all social casinos reward users with cash prizes. However, those who are interested can play sweepstakes casino apps and win big. Mostly, these casinos allow winning lots of virtual currency. Although you cannot touch these rewards, it gives you the same feeling when you win real money.

4. Free download

One might think that there must be some tricky part. If there’s no need to pay for virtual coins, then the download might be paid. Fortunately, most of the apps are free to play. So, there’s not a tricky part. Some social casinos might offer an opportunity to purchase additional packages with many coins. However, it’s not necessary. Everyone can fully enjoy all the games and entertainment.

5. Age limit

Young people who turn 18 can hardly step into offline casinos. They have to wait 3 more years to try this new kind of entertainment. On the one hand, it’s relieving since young people can avoid having a gambling addiction. On the other hand, they miss out on all the fun.

When playing social casino games, there are no such age limits. Whether you’re 18 or 21, you can freely download apps and explore entertaining games. Such casinos are legal in forty-seven states, so casino fun is available for anyone who likes mobile casino games.

6. Access to all casino games

There’s one more fascinating thing about social casinos. They offer to play the same games you typically play in offline casinos. However, they are not limited to those games only. They develop new mobile games that are even more engaging.


Social casino games can give users what they want without any limitations. Users can have fun without fear of losing money since no real money is required. The global pandemic caused their popularity, and the demand is not decreasing. On the contrary, more people have started enjoying safe gambling with social casinos.

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