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Why Sweepstakes Casinos Offer No-Deposit Free Sweeps Coins?

A new trend in the online casino industry has become the Sweepstakes Casinos.  This gameplay is conducted without the use of “regular” currency.  No-deposit free sweeps coins no deposit are offered a dime a dozen.

Players are rewarded on various levels, either by signing-up, logging-in or even accessing certain games.  These rewards offer further gameplay as well as the possibility of enhanced payouts.

The popularity of Sweepstakes Casinos has grown in leaps and bounds.  The main factors contributing to this can be the fact that players use this platform as a learning opportunity for more intense gameplay.  These types of casinos also circumvent certain country legal regulations, opening the playing field a lot more.

The competitive landscape of online Sweepstakes casinos

Sweepstakes Online Casinos offer a whole different level of gaming experience.  Sitting in the comfort of your home, you are entertained with loads of interactive elements, graphics, and the like to appeal to anyone.

A host of games on offer will see the system very similar to that of a regular casino.  This is quite nifty, especially if you are not usually near a normal casino or if your country has strict gambling regulations and laws.

Fighting to stay on top of the game, these casinos offer a myriad of options to players to try and stay one step ahead of their competitors.  With various no-deposit bonus offerings, competition is fierce.

A lot of these establishments have started to target social media and the like to market their services to joe public.  With the click of a link a player, can be transported to a whole new world of gaming.

Ongoing bonus features focus on current player retention.

Attracting new players

Consumers are easy targets when it comes to free offerings or “try now and buy later”.  It gives the euphoria of receiving something without any harm to oneself.  This marketing strategy has been incorporated into Sweepstakes online casinos to attract new players and sustain current player numbers.

The logic behind this is to offer potential players the chance to learn the ropes of the casino environment without the risk of breaking the bank, so to speak.  Players also would then feel more comfortable to wager their own money when they are more adapt at the game play.

Building trust with potential customers

Gambling is by far a risky venture.  Not everyone is comfortable with the possibility of losing their hard-earned money on a gamble.  Online gambling can be a slightly bigger risk, as folks are quite wary to send money off into the great void one calls cyberspace.

Sweepstakes casinos caught wind of this and refocused their aims at customer retention and sourcing a new customer base. Enticing users to play using someone else’s wallet has set a new level of trust.

Players feel comfortable with the fact that they are allowed to learn and skill themselves at no expense to themselves.

Building onto this, it is also important for Sweepstakes Casinos to be very transparent with all the finer rules and regulations governing their gameplay and bonus rounds.

All of this combined will promote harmonious gameplay and offer a glimmer of future “funded” play from a user.

Promotional and marketing benefits

Sweepstakes Casinos have become quite adapt at spreading the word when it comes to new and better service and bonus offerings.

Using social media can attract a wider audience and also help to create a greater buzz on promotional opportunities.

The advantages of these marketing drives are plenty of fold.  Apart from the fact that it draws traffic to the site, it also encourages users to further gameplay.  All of these can also lead to possible future sales, as gameplay is encouraged.

The fine print: Wagering requirements and other terms

Most of the online Sweepstakes Casinos offer no-deposit bonus .  All of these have some fine print attached to them.  Wagering requirements need to be considered before deciding on any play or bonus round that will be accessed.

Wagering requirements indicating the number of times a bonus values need to be matched before a payout is made.

Considering casinos also need to be sustainable, these wagering requirements will give a player the chance to determine if the end value outweighs the inherent risk.


Let’s be honest, the main reason any Casino, whether it being your regular land-based casino or even the online counterparts, offers promotions, is to attract new players and retain current player quotas.

The guys in the marketing office have just become smarter.  Instead of just wanting users to play more, they switched the focus to offer this as an educational experience as well.

Learning as you play has so many benefits, but the onus still rests on the players to enlighten themselves of the fine print.  Making yourself aware of all the guidelines and restrictions of the various gameplays and bonus features is essential.

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