Healthy and Productive Lifestyle

The Modern Student’s Guide to a Healthy and Productive Lifestyle

Being a student is a challenging task. Education puts a lot of pressure, takes much time, and is quite merciless. Add to it constant deadlines, much information for self-study, and maybe even working part-time to have some extra money, and what we get is feeling overwhelmed, sleepy, and low on energy. Of course, studying does not come without effort but is possible to organize life so that the pressure is minimized and there is a place for joy and inspiration.

There Is No Magical Pill

No vitamins, superfoods, or specific physical exercise have the power to give an ultimate boost to the body and brain. Instead, a complex approach is needed to strengthen one’s ability to resist stress and increase productivity. Also, it is wrong to view a healthy student lifestyle as a set of specific rules or a to-do list. It is more of a path to follow, and an attitude to embrace that starts with the realization that there is no universal life hack that can change everything, but with the help of an essay rewriter, it’s possible to approach this complex topic with more clarity and understanding.

Bringing Order to Chaos

The first thing is to organize a healthy schedule. It is well-researched that sleep greatly influences cognitive functions, regardless of whether it is too short or too long. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Also, make sure to sleep between 5 and 8 hours daily. If it’s already time to rest, but the paper is not finished yet, and the deadline is pressing, consider seeking help from an assignment writing service that will get things done quickly and professionally.

Set the priorities correctly – feeling sleepy and unwell will not positively influence your academic results. So put your needs first and college papers together with other assignments second. Eventually, embracing a productive lifestyle will lead to a flow where there is time for everything.

After waking up, it is also extremely important to do quick exercises to prepare the body for the day. As with sleep, it is better to have meals simultaneously every day. Adding more complex carbs and high-quality proteins raises mood and ability to learn. Water is also vital to brain activity, so drink enough for your body daily. Also, giving oneself small delicious rewards will contribute to the overall effect but make sure to keep a tasty-healthy food ratio of 1 to 4.

Mindful Means Focused

One of the biggest challenges for students is the ability to stay focused on tasks. This may be associated with many factors, including stress, procrastination, depression, ADHD, and many others. In 2022 mental issues were the second most prevailing health problems worldwide. Students are at risk of developing these because of the amount of stress and associated complications.

So for those who constantly experience issues with low focus and bad mood, it is necessary to seek professional help from a psychotherapist. For students who have episodic issues with focus and mental well-being, there are a few strategies to overcome those, including:

  • Meditation
    Just download an app for meditation and start following the instructions. It may take some time to work out, but the result will show up after 5-10 times.
  • Yoga and sports
    Working out helps to clear thoughts and gives time for the brain to rest. The gym may not be the option here, but a swimming pool or a yoga class would suit you
  • Focus time method
    Put away all the distractors and set the alarm for 30 minutes. During this time, pay all of the attention to the current work. Once the alarm rings, rest and set an alarm for another focus time.
  • Mindfulness approach
    Being mindful means clearing one’s thoughts by concentrating on the senses in the moment. For example, try to focus on the feelings when brushing your teeth – hear the bubbles popping, the taste of toothpaste, and so on.

Final Thoughts

A healthy and productive lifestyle is all about balance and setting the right priorities. Even for students overwhelmed by assignments, dedicating time for themselves, hobbies, and social life is vital. Pay attention to your needs and get a productivity boost in return.

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