Rainbow Six Siege

Overview of Stages And Key Points in Rainbow Six Siege That Beginners Need to Know

R6 is one of the most famous projects in the shooter genre, which relies on e-sports battles between special forces and terrorists using destruction mechanics.

Players will battle each other in a series of rounds, where the team that wins the most rounds will win the match.

All the results of the meetings will influence your final rating, which is used to select opponents for your matches.

You can adjust it by winning more matches than losing, or take help from r6 boosting services.

Professional players will gain access to your account and boost a series of matches to increase your rating to the required level.

The service provides guarantees of anonymity and safety of personal data and property on the account.

When the task is completed, you can log into your account, check the result and go play new matches.

This service is often needed by players who have long outgrown their level, but due to a weak team cannot increase their rank, because Rainbow Six is primarily a team project and no matter how well you play, you will not be able to carry the team all the time on yourself and this is where professional service comes to the rescue.


In each meeting, players will perform the same task and based on the results of each round, the winner of the entire match will be determined.

There will be two sides – attack and defense.

The attack will be carried out by police special forces, who must knock the terrorists out of the building, defuse bombs, or free the hostages.

Defenders are terrorists who have taken over a building, placed their bombs, or are holding hostages and must prevent the special forces from freeing them.

Each player will choose their own unique agent with equipment that will help them win rounds and increase their rank in R6.

Most objects can be blown up or destroyed, which can and should be used during matches to change their outcome to your advantage.

You will use various weapons, tactics and strategies for conducting assault and defensive operations.


The special forces must come up with a way and carry out an assault on the building in which the terrorists have occupied the defense, and the task is complicated by the fact that every round they will come up with new ways to defend and hold points.

The advantage for attackers will be the ability to concentrate their efforts into one attack with a large number of players, while defenders must distribute their efforts throughout the territory and monitor the breakthrough of the defense.

You can even distribute your attacks so that the blow is delivered from several sides at once and the enemies literally do not have time to react to the threat and die one by one.

Use various tools like sledgehammers and bombs to carve out new paths for yourself and break down the barriers and barricades that the defenders set up in Rainbow Six Siege.

Your main task is to search for and eliminate agents before the main assault and try until the last minute not to reveal your plans to the enemy, so that they do not know about the main points of the assault, and then it will be very difficult for them to hold back such an onslaught.


Holding positions is always easier than attacking, because you have all the strength of the building on your side and the ability to choose your position in advance and often see the enemy before he enters your point.

A well-planned defense has a better chance of winning the majority of rounds and ending the match in its favor, which will bring a boost to Rainbow Six Siege.

Your first task is to take advantageous defenses and points that are difficult to destroy with explosives, or immediately detect in the first seconds of the assault.

The most confident marksmen can try to play aggressively and destroy at least one attacking hero and retreat to position.

This kind of aggressive gameplay won’t always work, but it will pay off periodically.

If you play deep defense, you will most likely be knocked out of it by the onslaught of a large number of players, so you need to play a more dynamic and thoughtful defense.

Place mines and bomb traps, set up barricades, plan your defense points to always be in favorable conditions, even when attacked from several sides, use grenades and other features of your agents, and of course, constantly conduct reconnaissance.

Your main task is to determine the location of the main attack of the special forces as quickly as possible and disrupt it; if everything does not go according to plan, then simply hold them back until the rest of the group arrives.


The two teams will have a choice of individual characters, who will differ in their equipment and skills.

These won’t be any fancy features and skills, and you’ll simply choose between different weapons, grenades and tools, like barricades and their breaking, planting and defusing bombs, fighting grenades and so on.

Each agent is unique, and it is better to ensure that they are not repeated, and then your boosting in R6 will be more effective.

Weapons and grenades

Use different means to help you conduct an assault or defend against it.

Thanks to the callimator system, fighting in open areas becomes unprofitable and dangerous for terrorists, and it is better to use your strengths indoors and place as many obstacles inside as possible.

On the contrary, special forces can and should use their means to eliminate their enemies, but be careful on maps with hostages so as not to accidentally shoot them while trying to find the terrorists’ locations.

Use snipers who can eliminate the enemy if he catches his eye, but without fanaticism, because their help can be useful during the assault. You can devote part of the round to giving the enemy a chance to play aggressively and if this does not happen, then simply continue with your tasks and begin a full-fledged assault.

Use grenades, as in CS 2, to stun and blind your enemies and gain advantages in navigating the situation.

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