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Top 6 Specialties That Will Become Outdated Soon

So, you are about to start sending out college applications. It must be extremely exciting to be this close to a new chapter of your life. But, along with the excitement, getting closer to the admissions period, future students are also facing quite a few challenges. And one of the biggest ones is choosing a suitable major.

When deciding what subject you want to major in, you have to consider a whole range of factors, including your personality and skills, the duration of the program, cost, career perspectives, and more. But, the most important thing to consider is the demand for the selected profession.

In our fast-paced, technologically-advanced world, more and more specialties are becoming outdated. So, unless you want to spend years mastering a specialty that will never bring you a job, let us tell you about the top six jobs that are likely to disappear in the next ten to twenty years.

1. Legal Secretary

Most students who major in Law are starting their careers as legal secretaries. This entry-level job has long been an obvious first step to becoming a lawyer yourself. However, according to a Deloitte report, more than 100,000 jobs in the legal sector could be automated in the next 20 years. For those of you, who are just planning to apply to college, this should mean being more careful specializing in Law.

And for those already studying, this is a clear sign to start gaining professional experience ASAP. Find a reliable service essay for sale and save time to start doing some entry-level job such as legal secretary right now so that by the time this job disappears, you could already fit a more stable job.

2. Bank Teller

Another job that will become obsolete soon is a bank teller. Already now, we see most banks introduce their mobile apps that enable customers to use most banking services without actually visiting their banks. With that being said, it is not surprising that the job of a bank teller is quickly becoming outdated. Thus, if you want to work in the financial industry, be sure to choose more all-encompassing and in-demand majors.

3. Librarian

As the whole world rapidly moves towards digital media and pretty much any book can be easily found in the electronic format, the traditional role of a librarian is starting to disappear. Today, people don’t go to libraries as often as they used to. And, even when they do, they tend to self-serve rather than use the help of a librarian.

With all that being said, in case you were thinking about studying for a Library Science degree, think again. Most likely, this major, as well as the specialty of a librarian, will become extinct in the future. So, be sure to choose something more modern instead. After all, you can always order essay online from essayservice review if the major you selected will turn out to be too complex. But, at least, you will have better career perspectives for the future.

4. Travel Agent

People have always strived to travel, and chances are that this will not change in the future. However, what will probably change is the way people receive travel services. Today, fewer and fewer people are using travel agencies to arrange their holidays.

Instead, they are getting used to doing this on their own. And there are already lots of tools that help with this. Thus, a job of a travel agent will probably disappear too, which means that majoring in Hospitality and Tourism can be somewhat tricky in terms of future job search.

5. Accountant

Accountants have always played a significant role in business, which is why specializing in this field has long been a sure way to secure a stable and well-paying career. But things are changing now. Despite the big role of accounting, the demand for these specialists has been shrinking over the past decade. The main reason for that is technological progress.

Already now, there are plenty of tools and special software designed to automate the tasks typically performed by accountants. And the further this automation goes, the more likely the job of an accountant is to disappear. Thus, majoring in accounting might no longer be such a good idea.

6. Telemarketer

Lastly, a telemarketer is one more job that we expect to disappear in the next 10-20 years. Telemarketing has always been one of the oldest, time-tested marketing tools used by businesses to promote their products and acquire new customers. And it still is. But, exactly as happens with the rest specialties on this list, telemarketing is being automated. Companies now prefer bots rather than real people because it’s cheaper and more convenient.

Although currently, these bots still connect customers to human callers, this will probably change soon. So, if you were thinking about taking a telemarketing course, you should better major in something different to ensure that you will be able to get a job after graduation.

The Bottom Line

Now that so many tasks are being automated, many jobs are put at risk of extinction. Therefore, it is more important than ever to pick your major wisely so that you don’t end up out of the competition by the time you graduate.

Hopefully, this article will help you make up your mind and avoid critical mistakes. So, listen to our advice and choose wisely!

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