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10 Passionate Signs He Is Making Love to You and Not Just Lust

It’s natural to be worried about how your boyfriend or partner sees lovemaking. You don’t want to be in two different places mentally or emotionally during sex. Plus, sex doesn’t necessarily emerge from a love connection nor does it mean the same thing.

To achieve intimacy and develop mutual feelings of love, understanding and communication between both of you is crucial. Here are some signs he is making love to you that you may have overlooked or need to look out for.

What “Making Love” Means to A Man


This is a big question, and truth be told, it’s hard to differentiate between love and lust. Especially for men. It’s not that men lack emotion; as you probably already know, a man’s passions usually run very deep. The problem men can face is divorcing lust from love when it comes to their actions in their relationship.

If they’re in love with you for what you bring to bed, can that be called real love? Well, yes and no. Sex is an important part of life, typically, it’s something men tend to need more often than women.

This emotional need to physically connect can be construed as an expression of love when it’s enjoyed in a romantic context. Simply put, when men bring their real emotions into lovemaking with a partner, it is expressed in many ways.

And it can make both partners feel loved during sex. Here are just a few signs to give you some idea.

10 Signs He Is Making Love to You

#1. He Touches You a Lot


Men in love will have a hard time keeping their hands off you throughout your lovemaking. The amount and quality of the foreplay will tell you everything. If he’s gentle, attentive, and touching you in all the right places, it’s a sign he’s really into you.

Touching, in this context, can be caressing your cheeks, stroking your back, running his fingers through your hair, and holding your hands.

#2. He Will Take You Anytime

This is more of a sign that he’s into you than he’s making love to you. But that’s still good because love often begins with sex and it takes time to build. If you’ve been seeing each other for over a year and he still welcomes you with open arms any time you make a move, it’s a sign that he loves you.

#3. It’s All in The Eyes

You can always tell how a person might be feeling by the look in their eyes. Eyes make up roughly 80% of all facial expressions. If he looks at you with cold, dead, or unflinching eyes, it may be a sign he’s not feeling much of anything with you yet.

It’s best not to read too much into it though because some men are just serious by nature and take some time to loosen up.

On the other hand, if his eyes light up and have a warm aura to them when he looks at you, he’s likely making love to you.

#4. The Eye Contact Is Intense


How often does he look you in the eye during your lovemaking? When the eye contact is intense, it means you’re someone he desires and feels both safe and confident with. It’s a good sign. His eyes may be closed from time to time when things get mushy but that’s normal.

#5. Having Sex Is Not All About ‘having Sex’

Sometimes, sex and affection are not a packaged deal. If his style of lovemaking is quick, efficient, and over once he gets his, that’s a clear sign he’s having sex for pleasure, not to love you.

If he’s whispering sweet nothings in your ear, playing with your hair, taking a break from sex once every now and then to kiss you, hold you closer, or look you in the eyes, that’s lovemaking. The distinction between lovemaking and sex is usually very clear.

#6. Things May Get Mushy

Kissing, nuzzling, and cuddling can be signs he’s making love to you. Kissing is integral when there are feelings involved. In a casual encounter, men don’t kiss as much and limit their sentiments to not give you the wrong idea.

#7. He Won’t Put You Down for Being Awkward in Bed


How a man is before and after sex is as suggestive of love as the lovemaking itself. Men seeking genuine intimacy, or perhaps out of their own moral rectitude, will always try to support you and make you feel comfortable if you’re shy or nervous.

Even if you don’t utter a word, men can be perceptive. They may even stop altogether and ask if you want to talk it over first or wait.

Feeling awkward during your first time with a new person is normal. Men experience awkwardness too, although it’s hard to tell because their drives are stronger. The way he treats you at your most vulnerable moments speaks volumes about his feelings.

#8. He’ll Be a Generous Lover

A generous lover is perceptive to your every moan, your quickening breathing, and the subtlest moves you make. They try to gauge what turns you on the most and spend as much time as possible doing those things, like kissing and oral pleasure.

If a guy only cares about getting his own and having his fun rather than looking out for you, that’s sex, not lovemaking.

#9. He Takes Time to Set the Mood

Men seeking intimacy take the time to understand you better as a person. They know you’re not always ready to go at the drop of the hat and never push themselves on you presuming that you’re always interested.

Instead, men in love will go through elaborate lengths to create a warm, intimacy-inducing environment for you to make you feel special. This can involve candles, rose petals, scents, making a meal, or a foot massage.

#10. He Kisses You in Places You Didn’t Know Existed

There are certain areas of your body that men really enjoy kissing and some not so much. But if he takes the time to explore your entire body and worship every square- inch of it with fervor, that’s a surefire sign he’s making love to you.

It strongly suggests he enjoys all aspects of you and all parts of you, even ones you may not be familiar with or fond of yourself. Hope this bit of information helps make it feel less weird being kissed on the nose or your kneecaps.

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