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Should I Get a UK Fiancé Visa?

Moving to the UK with your partner? Planning a stunning UK wedding with family and friends? A little ceremony at a local registry? A ‘Fiancé visa’ is needed to marry or create a civil partnership with a UK citizen or settled person and live together long-term.

Fiancé visa: Details

A fiancé visa allows a non-UK citizen to marry or create a civil partnership with a person having indefinite leave to stay, refugee status or humanitarian protection, ECAA status, EU settled or pre-settled status, or UK or Irish citizenship.

The visa allows marriage or civil partnership in the UK within six months.

A UK fiancé visa would let you travel with your spouse who is returning to the UK after living abroad. If your settled spouse wants you to join them in the UK from abroad, you may apply. 

The plan is to marry in the UK inside the 6-month visa. An in-country extension might be requested if you cannot marry within this timeframe for good cause or due to unforeseen circumstances. Show you can marry in six months.

Apply for Fiancé Visa from the UK for permission to stay and work in the United Kingdom. A fiancé visa in the UK does not entitle you to employment.

Check UK fiancé visa eligibility

For a UK fiancé visa, you and your spouse must satisfy specific conditions.

General eligibility requirements are below:

  • Your companion must be 18 or older.
  • A UK citizen or established person should be your partner.
  • If relevant, you must confirm your past marriages or civil unions terminated.
  • You must both want to be married within six months of visiting the UK with a fiancé visa and show related appointments.
  • You must demonstrate a strong intention to reside with your spouse in the UK following marriage or civil partnership.
  • You must demonstrate that you can support yourself and your spouse without public assistance. 
  • In most circumstances, you must show £18,600 in annual income.
  • You must also show that you have sufficient housing for your spouse and dependents.
  • You must exhibit English language competency, which may require you to take an authorized English exam to indicate that you can listen, comprehend, and communicate in English at the CEFR A1 level.

What papers do UK fiancé visa applicants need?

A fiancé visa requires these documents:

  • Valid blank-page passport. If your passport lacks a blank page, you may need a new one. 
  • Copy of picture page and UK visa/entry stamps from prior passports
  • Proof of lawful immigration status in your country of application (if not a citizen)
  • Your prior UK immigration applications
  • Information about criminal convictions
  • UK National insurance number (if you had one)
  • Your parents’ birthdates and nationalities
  • If you live in a nation where visa applications need TB tests, Home Office-approved ones are acceptable. 
  • A certified translation of any non-English or Welsh document.

You must additionally specify:

  1. Your ex-spouse, civil partner, or childbearing partner
  2. A divorce certificate is proof of divorce.
  3. Information on whether your spouse financially supports parents or children.

Verifying your relationship’s longevity

The “Genuineness test” is used by Home Office caseworkers to verify your connection. Your fiancé visa application may be denied if you cannot verify your connection. 

The application has many questions to verify the connection and rule out the potential that the visa may be used as a “vehicle” to remain in the UK for other reasons. Topics include:

  1. Relationship details like how you met and how frequently you see each other
  2. Duration of cohabitation (you’ll need council tax or energy invoices addressed to you and your spouse)
  3. Mortgage payments and other mutual financial obligations
  4. Do you have a real connection with your sponsor or are you coming as a domestic care worker?


The article addresses all Fiancé visa application questions. Before applying, one must carefully analyze the prerequisites. The technique demands meticulousness. Start your fiancé visa application if you want to marry and live in the UK.

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