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Get Inspired: 5 Creative Rose Tattoos for Men

Although people usually assume that flower tattoos are only associated with women, the rose has been worn by males for hundreds of years. It is a symbol of strength and nobility, and its versatility makes it a great choice for men of all ages.

If you’re thinking about getting a rose tattoo, this article can help you find the right design. From classy and subtle to colorful and detailed, here you’ll find some creative ideas for rose tattoos for men.

What Does a Rose Represent in a Tattoo?


The most general meaning of a rose tattoo is passion, lust, and love. While beautiful, a rose flower also has thorns — signifying a beautiful but ultimately dangerous nature. However, the rose takes on a slightly different meaning for males.

Rose Tattoos for Men: What Does It Mean?

The most common answer to this question has to do with emotional acceptance. A rose tattoo on a man means that he has discovered and accepted his feelings and that he is not scared to show them. Moreover, a rose can also symbolize strength, nobility, and courage.

Finally, it can also be a powerful reminder of past love and all the lessons and growth it brought, bringing together both the good and the bad aspects of the relationship.

Without further ado, here are five popular rose tattoo examples, along with explanations about their meanings.

1. Rose, Thorns, and Skin


Image source: Pinterest

This design commonly represents a lost love, and the added thorns and blood symbolize suffering. The tattoo is quite versatile, as it can either stand for the loss of a loved one or a failed romantic relationship. Another interesting detail is the number of thorns — each one may represent a year that has passed since the loved one is no longer a part of your life.

2. Life of a Rose


Image source: Pinterest

Different growth cycles show a perspective for a change. Thus, this design is a mark for self-passion and personal growth.

Fully bloomed, the rose tattoo shows completion. On the other hand, a half-bloomed rose is associated with the journey of becoming better. Finally, a closed rose tattoo design is known to have the deepest symbolic meaning. It can represent unrealized potential or unexpected passion waiting for you in the future.

Rose Tattoos for Men — Celebrity Edition

Some of the most well-known celebrities have rose tattoos, and many of them are male. While some of the designs might be overly simple or too complex, every celeb wears their rose tattoo proudly. Here are some examples.

1. Photo-Realistic Rose


Image source: Pinterest

Justin Bieber wears a simple, photo-realistic rose on the left side of his neck. The tattoo features both thorns and leaves, symbolizing imperfection and beauty together.

2. Multi-Style Roses


Image source: Pinterest

Travis Barker from the band Blink-182 is known for being covered nearly head to toe with tattoos. He has three different rose designs on his body, positioned mainly on his neck and head. They symbolize deep emotion, unity, and love.

3. Classic Rose with Text


Image source: Pinterest

David Beckham has a gorgeous rose tattoo on the lower left side of his neck. Below the flower are the words Pretty Lady Harper. The entire tattoo piece symbolizes Beckham’s love for his daughter, as the rose is her favorite flower.

Additional Elements That Give Meaning

While the style of a rose tattoo can somewhat determine the meaning it represents, there is much more to it. In fact, every individual element of the entire piece bears significance for the overall meaning.

Some additional components that enhance or define the meaning of a tattoo are the flower color, the number of roses and petals, the lack or presence of thorns, particular flower combinations, as well as other details.

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