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How to Do the Raven Shifting Method in Five Simple Steps

The raven shifting method is one of the trending topics right now, especially on Tik-Tok where thousands of videos showing how to do the raven shifting technique are being uploaded daily.

These videos are getting millions of views, which goes to show how popular the topic is. This has created a buzz around the topic with millions of people looking for information about the technique and how to perform it. This article tells you how to do the raven shifting method in five simple steps.

What Is the Raven Shifting Method?


The raven shifting method is a simple technique designed to help you shift realities. According to ardent Tik-Tok users, reality shifting enables you to live in any world you desire. Most Tik-Tokers now claim that this method of shifting realities helps them to attend Hogwarts or become Draco Malfoy’s girlfriends.

Although some people are skeptical about the raven shifting method, reality shifting has proved to be an effective meditative technique that enables you to emotionally experience supernumerary lives like tying the knot with a blonde-haired wizard and working as an MI5 detective.

According to people who practice the raven shifting technique, it’s a unique way of moving your consciousness from the current reality to the desired reality.

Some people view reality shifting as a lucid dream, while others see it as a genuine way of shifting realities into other realities. The Raven shifting method begins with a ‘script” of your desired reality (DR) to allow your mind to understand where to move to when it leaves the current reality (CR).

While you are free to choose which reality to shift to, there are various online shifting scripts based on popular franchises like Harry Potter and Marvel that you can rely on for guidance.

How to Do the Raven Shifting Method

It is important to mention that the raven shifting method is not very difficult. However, it demands total concentration and calmness.

So, if you get distracted very easily, this shifting technique may not be the best option for you. Concentration is very important because this technique involves lying down on your bed in a starfish posture and visualizing your desired reality.

If you would like to try the raven shifting technique, here are the five most important steps you should take.

Step One: Writing a Script


As mentioned above, you should start your raven shifting technique by creating a script. Although there are online shifting scripts that can aid your shifting, it’s highly advisable to have your own script. While you don’t necessarily need a script to shift to your desired reality, you are likely to experience some difficulties when you don’t have a script to guide you.

A script is quite beneficial, especially if you are trying to shift realities for the first time. The need for a script diminishes as you gain experience. That’s why you will find so many people on Tik-Tok doing it without a script. So, when you are writing your script, don’t forget to include the process of getting back to your current reality.

Fortunately, you can write your shifting script on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. In your script, include important details about yourself, the people you are familiar with, your goals, etc. These details will help you to remain focused on what you desire, where you wish to shift, and what you don’t wish to see in your desired reality.

While your subconscious already understands your desired reality, having the reality clearly outlined in a script will allow you to define your desires concretely in words.

Step Two: Meditate for a Few Minutes


Once your shifting script is ready, take about 5 to 10 minutes to meditate. Meditation helps you to clear your mind before you lay in bed to try shifting your realities. For the raven shifting technique to be effective, you need to be a bit worn out, so meditate for about ten minutes.

After meditation, try to relax as much as possible and prepare your body, mind, and soul for the shift.

Step Three: Lay on Bed in a Starfish Posture and Listen to Your Subconscious


Once you are completely calm and your body and mind are ready for shifting, lay down on your bed with your face staring at the ceiling and spread your hands and legs out in a starfish position.

Make sure your bedroom or wherever you choose to do this technique is completely quiet. Remember that this shifting technique requires full concentration. So, you need to remove anything that might distract you from the room.

Make sure the door is locked. Also, try to remain completely calm and upbeat. While in this position, listen to your subliminal. Also, make sure your bed is completely comfortable because you should remain in this position for a long time.

Step Four: Count from One to a Hundred


If you are absolutely sure that every part of your body is ready to shift, start counting in your mind from 1 to 100, and don’t rush it.  At the same time, say positive reality shifting affirmations, such as “I’m shifting”, “shifting is easy”, “I’m home”, and “I’ve shifted.”

As you count and say the affirmations, try to visualize your desired realities, like where you are right now, how it feels, how it smells, how you appear, the present sounds, where you would like to wake up, how the room will appear, etc.

Concentrate on the high vibrational energy coming from the whole experience, especially when the mental imagery of your desired reality becomes vivid. Enjoy the good feeling that comes with it. Even in this state, it’s normal for your mind to wander a bit, but you should try to get a hold of yourself and refocus your mind on the desired reality.

Also, it’s normal for your hands and legs to feel numb and prickly because your consciousness should be awake while your body goes to sleep. The prickly feeling happens as your brain tries to figure out whether you are wide awake or asleep because of your motionless posture.

Step Five: Recite Positive Affirmations Until You Get to Your Desired Reality


Continue reciting the above-mentioned positive affirmations until you get to your desired reality. When you get to 100, try to sleep while reciting the affirmations and imagining your desired reality. Don’t move or open your eyes. If you are still not ready to shift when you get to 100, try to recount it backward from 100 to 1 while reciting the positive affirmations.

As your environment starts to change, “open your eyes” to enjoy your desired reality. If you follow these steps correctly, it shouldn’t be difficult to shift to your desired reality.

3 Tips for Doing the Raven Shifting Method


As the buzz around shifting realities continues to gain momentum around the world, more people are spending many hours trying to experience the sensation. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to get to their desired realities. So, how do you succeed in this? Here are important tips for you.

1. Meditate Before Shifting

Meditation helps your body and mind to relax so that you don’t get distracted when trying to focus on your desired reality. It also helps you to empty your mind for full concentration. Meditation also makes it easier for you to listen to your subliminal.

2. Find the Right Place

You can’t get to your desired reality without full concentration. So, make sure that the place you choose for your raven shifting technique keeps you away from all kinds of distractions. If you choose your bedroom, make sure the door is closed and there are no pets, humans, or electronic devices around to distract you.

3. Recite Positive Affirmations

Even if you are not getting any signs of coming close to your desired reality, stay positive and continue reciting the position affirmations. These affirmations will bring positive vibrational energy and speed up the process of shifting to your DR.

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