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10 Rap Songs With Good Bass That You Will Enjoy Listening To

Bass is largely considered one of the most important factors of music, especially for genres like rock, hip hop, and rap. It’s the part of a song that would make anyone nod their head along to the music or jump up and dance to the beat. But, when you think of bass, rap songs rarely come to mind.

However, in rap, the lyrics are timed to fit any rhythm, so that you can remember the lyrics simply by incorporating them into the beat — perfect for bass! If you want to get hyped listening to rap, here are 10 rap songs with good bass you can vibe to.

10 Rap Songs With Good Bass

#1. Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

Topping this list is none other than Nicki Minaj’s 2011 fire track “Super Bass.” The song became a raging hit, with nearly everybody knowing its catchy lyrics. As the name suggests, the song has a prominent hip-hop beat and strong electronic influences.

It also made it to Billboard’s list of “100 Songs That Defined the Decade” and was on Rolling Stone’s 2021 list of “500 Best Songs of All Time.”

#2. Loud by Mac Miller

One of the more bass-heavy Mac Miller songs is “Loud,” which was released in 2012. The music video is still remembered for featuring the late Mac Miller rapping in a dark room with the words “Don’t Use Drugs” highlighted in neon lights on a cup that he held.

This song is extremely bass-heavy and was featured on one of his first few mixtapes, a great song to remember Mac Miller by since his unfortunate death in 2018. He was a man of talent, as proven by his fantastic discography.

#3. Molly by Lil Pump

The vibe of this song from the song title is already a major hint to the out-of-body experience this song has. This Lil Pump song has a pretty simple hook but features clever wordplay, which is why fans can easily sing along when this song is played in the clubs.

The team behind this song includes Big Head and Rony J who are known to make some of the bangers that have come out of the hip-hop world.

#4. Sicko Mode by Travis Scott featuring Drake

The third track on American rapper Travis Scott’s critically-acclaimed 2018 studio album Astroworld, “Sicko Mode” also features another rapper, Drake. This song is Scott’s first single that also landed the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

It has a deep bass sound and is accompanied by vocals from Swae Lee and Big Hawk. The song also won the Best Rap Song as well as Best Rap Performance at the Grammys in 2019.

#5. Lost by Gorilla Zoe

Gorilla Zoe’s “Lost” from his 2008 album Don’t Feed Da Animals is an excellent rap song with an even better beat. It peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 71 for a period of 11 weeks. The song features vocals by Gorilla Zoe that many critics have praised.

It’s notable that although this song is bass mecca, the lyrics are a commentary on the loneliness and emptiness that often follows the fame an artist gains after a big break.

#6. Just a Lil Bit by 50 Cent

“Just a Lil Bit” is the third track on 50 Cent’s second studio album The Massacre which was released in early 2005. It reached number three on the American Billboard chart as well as the UK chart. And if this beat is not enough for you, there is a remixed version featuring rapper White Dawg that takes this song to new heights.

“Just a Lil Bit” is one of 50 Cent’s most recognizable songs and is included in the top ten of all his hits.

#7. Love in This Club by Usher

Released in 2008 by the R&B singer Usher, “Love in the Club” is the ultimate club song and was known to be played repeatedly in clubs after its release.

This synth bop reached the number 1 spot in the United States as well as New Zealand, with the music video being nominated for the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. There is also a remix of this song with Usher featuring Beyonce and Lil Wayne.

#8. Gucci Gang by Lil Pump

Lil Pump’s highest-rated track to date, “Gucci Gang” is infamous for its repetitive lyrics and also caused a media frenzy with the various memes and parodies that it birthed. SNL even made a music video to parody the song titled “Tucci Gang,” with comedian Pete Davison portraying the rapper.

“Gucci Gang” has a very heavy bass that’s difficult to ignore. The Recording Industry Association of America even certified this song as “five-times platinum.”

#9. Gyalchester by Drake

“Gyalchester” is a Drake track from his 2017 album More Life, featuring a very enjoyable bass track. The title is a combination of Manchester city and the patios-spoken word “gyal” meaning girls.

This song peaked on the chart at 29 and has also been listed on the Canadian chart at 13. Drake also performed this song in his set at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017.

#10. Super Trapper by Future

Released in 2017, Future remarked in an interview with music writer Zane Lowe that “Super Trapper” is for all people who feel average and makes them into a superhero. The song perfectly balanced deep bass with treble to put out a very accessible musical composition.

This is also one of the first few songs that Southside and DY first worked on and were featured with the artist.

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