Optimal Dosage with Delta-9 Gummies

How to Determine Your Optimal Dosage with Delta-9 Gummies? 

How much of a delta-9 edible is enough? How much is an overdose? Many people would like to take delta-9 but are concerned about doses and the effects to expect with it. 

Not to worry, we have a guide and a chart to help you choose the right delta-9 gummies dosage.

How Many Delta-9 Gummies Should You Take? 

Before taking any THC edibles, you must know the potency. Usually, the strength of an edible is measured in milligrams (mg), and the typical dosage for delta-9 gummies is between 5 mg and 10 mg per serving. Therefore, if a product has 10 mg of delta-9 per gummy, you will likely need one to half of the treat candy to enjoy the cannabinoid’s effects.

While 10 mg is good for old users, beginners can start with low doses of NextEvo CBD Gummies of about 5 mg of delta-9 or less.

Delta-9 Gummies Dosage Chart

Here’s an easy-to-follow delta-9 THC dosage chart:

Tolerance Level Milligrams
First time user 1 – 2.5
Beginner/recreational user 3 – 5
Intermediate 1 – 25
High tolerance user 30 – 90
Highly experienced user 100

How to Determine Your Optimal Dosage with Delta-9 Gummies?

The amount of delta-9 you take depends on your specific needs and a number of factors. Your height and weight, age, metabolism, gender, and tolerance are the determinants.

Here are things to consider while determining your THC gummy dosage:

  • Your First Dose

If this is your first edible, or even your first time trying cannabis in any form, start with a microdose.

Typically, 2.5 mg of THC should be enough to give you some pleasant, mild, and subtle effects.

Everyone is different, so effects can vary. However, start with a low dose and gradually increase it until you find the right dose for you.

Be patient—it can take time to feel the full effects of gummies. However, once you’ve started, the effects should hit within half an hour of consumption.

  • Note the Time of Consumption

Keep track of your dosages. You might feel like time is going slowly, but it’s helpful to know if it took you an hour or thirty minutes to feel the effects.

Also, keep a journal of your medications by your bedside. Note the date, time, and dose so that you can refer back to this information.

  • Low Tolerance Dose

When you are just getting started, a gradual approach is best. Even though the effects are very personal and can be different for each person, some doses have been shown to be helpful.

A study indicated that micro-doses of 7.5 mg or lower had calming effects on recreational users.

  • Intermediate Tolerance Dose

If 7.5 mg did not give you the head high you expected, start adding a little more THC. You could try 10 mg to 25 mg and find that it knocks your socks off!

According to research, users can build up high tolerances and consume 50+ mg or more of THC daily.

  • High Tolerance Dose

For a dose of THC edibles that could potentially have you feeling high for the rest of the day, you’re going to need to consume at least 30 mg up to 90 mg.

Can’t figure out when you should level up to a high tolerance dose? If you have a delta-9 experience of at least six months, it would be fine to upgrade yourself to this level.

  • Heavy Dose

The 100-mg range is for experienced delta-9 gummies consumers with a history of a year or two with these edibles.

Take caution with this tier of delta-9 edibles. These are meant for very experienced users who are used to the wide range of effects that come with eating a lot of cannabis.

Factors Affecting Delta-9 Gummies Dosage

  • Your Tolerance

Delta-9-THC is a powerful cannabinoid, but so are many other cannabinoids present in cannabis. How well you handle delta-9 depends on your tolerance for other THC compounds.

For instance, if you have a history of smoking marijuana, a high dose of delta-9 THC will feel more manageable than it would if you had never smoked before.

  • Comfort Level

People have different comfort levels and expectations when it comes to cannabis, so there’s no right or wrong dosage.

The recommendation is to start with a low dose just to test your body’s reactions before increasing the amount of delta-9 gummies.

  • Strain Type

Just like a traditional edible, the strength of a delta-9 gummy can vary depending on what strain is used. The potency of each strain varies, with some being more potent than others.

Research the hemp strain in your product before selecting your THC edibles.


While taking delta-9 gummies, experimenting with different strains, dosages, and THC potencies may get you the desired results.

A small dosage of delta-9 can give you a strong high, while a lot of it could make you feel sick to your stomach.

Be sure that you know how cannabis affects you before you decide to take more than the recommended dose. You can get Premium Jane’s delta-9 gummies here: https://premiumjane.com/cbd-gummies/delta-9-gummies/.

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