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10 Natural Nail Ideas For Those Who Prefer Subtle Designs

Natural nails need not always mean nude or transparent. There are so many ways in which you can make this minimalist nail design look even more chic and elegant! If you are looking for some simple yet trendy natural nail ideas for your next manicure, we’ve got your back!

From the classic French tips to bold gold swirls, here are 10 stunning natural nail ideas to take your nail art to the next level!

10 Natural Nail Ideas

#1. Milky Pink Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Milky pink nails are the perfect natural nails idea for special occasions like a wedding as well as professional formal settings. It’s a simple, minimal, and elegant nail look that will suit nearly everyone! Just make sure to select the shade of pink closer to your skin tone for that minimal muted pink look.

If you are feeling adventurous, try this nail art with a bit of subtle gold metallic stickers on the cuticles, so it catches the light as you move!

#2. Pale Pink Tips


Image source: Pinterest

If you want a more natural manicure with just a hint of color, pale pink tips are what you’re looking for. It’s a very lowkey nail art that will be perfect for special occasions like a bridal shower.

You can also try using pale pink on the tips with a bit of negative space, then add the pink polish to your cuticle again. It’ll give a natural healthy hue to your nails.

#3. Short Nude Acrylic Nails


Image source: Pinterest

For guys and gals out there who want to try acrylic nails but are hesitant about the longer nail length, you can always request shorter acrylic nails from your nail technician. To enhance the subtlety of this pretty manicure, have them pair it with nude nail polish.

And if that feels too austere for you, you can always request your nail technician to add a little bling to your nails using some glitter or stickers in the middle or on the cuticles. Top it off with clear nail polish to highlight the gloss and protect the decals.

#4. Subtle Glittery Nails


Image source: Pinterest

If you think glitter nails can’t be done in a natural and minimal fashion, you won’t be further from the truth. You can use glittery nail polish against the backdrop of a nude or pinkish nude shade to create unique shapes like a crescent. Even a simple straight line would add a nice highlight to the nails.

Keeping the sparkle in tiny slivers on the nails will maintain the minimal esthetic.

#5. Gold Swirls


Image source: Pinterest

Gold polish against a matte or glossy nude, a muted pink, or a tan base will always be a gorgeous combo. And if you have a warmer skin tone, then this color will definitely pop on your nails!

You can choose whichever design you are in the mood for with the golden nail polish, be it lines, hearts, or even stars. But we recommend drawing swirls from the tip down to the cuticle. It’s the perfect summery manicure for a beach trip to catch the sunlight!

#6. Matte Nude Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Matte nails were all the rage five years ago, and they are coming back now stronger than ever! If you are a lover of minimal and understated nails, then matte is the way to go.

Matte nude nails will give you just a splash of color on your nails while keeping your style understated. Go ahead and experiment with different shades of brown to create a rainbow of nude brown hues. Minimal and très chic!

#7. Nude Ombre Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Ombre nails can make a stunning fashion statement when done right. Instead of a vibrant neon ombre, go for different hues of nudes or pinks. There are a number of tutorials to help you create this nail art at home; all you would need is a sponge!

You can also do one half with the nude shade and then top the other half with a darker or lighter color and then blend in the middle for a seamless ombre nail, perfect for a spring date!

#8. French Tips


Image source: Pinterest

French tips will never go out of fashion. They were all the rage in the early 2000s and are still a classic go-to when you want to create a sophisticated and elegant manicured look.

Pick a color other than plain white for the tip — we suggest nude or a pop of baby pink or lilac for a fun spring French manicure. Oi if you love the classic white tip, add a nude or a blush pink base color to really complement the colors.

#9. Nude Nails with Silver-Crusted Cuticles


Image source: Pinterest

This is a fun nail design that will catch the light both in the day and in the moonlight — just what you want when you’re going dancing! Paint your nails with glossy nude color and add silver glitters or nail stickers on your cuticles for a simple yet fun manicure! Despite being super minimal, this nail art is far from boring!

You can also finely line the silver color on your arches if you want a more neutral look or add them to the tips. It’s subtle enough that you can even wear this style to the office.

#10. Clear Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Short natural manicured nails are the epitome of a clean, minimalist, and natural nail look. All you need is to get your nails thoroughly cleaned and a coat or two of clear nail polish to achieve this look.

It’s not only a great idea for middle schoolers who have to stick to a no-nail polish rule in the school but also for working professionals who just want to keep their nails protected and looking polished.

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