misconceptions about men who meet escorts

4 Big Misconceptions People Have About Men Who Meet Escorts

Here are some of the biggest and most widespread misconceptions about the typical clientele that book and meet escorts in Singapore.

First of all, the biggest and most common misconception in Singapore is that the typical client who meets escorts is a sleazy man. That is a complete fabrication. Have you ever seen that successful businessman or doctor who lives in a nice condo and zipping about Singapore’s roads in his sleek luxury or sports car? That is most likely the typical client profile of escort girls in Singapore. Business executives in Singapore – both locals and expatriates, are actually the most common clients of escorts.

In fact, the average client who meets escorts also happens to be highly similar to the average successful man demographic. While not all successful men meet escorts, all men in Singapore who book and meet a high-priced escort girl are successful and wealthy.

Second of all, another prevalent misperception about these clients who date escort girls is that these men are unattractive in reality – either in terms of personality or looks. Some people mistakenly think that if these men are at least acceptable looking and wealthy, they would be able to meet girls in Singapore and date normally in any case.

However, that is not true. Why is that so? The reality is that a large majority of clients book and meet escorts merely because their work schedules are so demanding and busy, and not because they are unattractive. These men in Singapore do not have time to even socialize, much less find a date or girl from social gatherings or whatnot. These successful guys obviously put in a lot of effort for their work throughout their career, which implies a significant portion of their time and attention is devoted just to their work.

As a result of this, if they want a companion but are not yet ready to get married, they simply look for escort girls instead. It is much more convenient for these Singaporean men to simply contact an escort agency in Singapore like www.sgvipescorts.com and book an escort girl.

While many women in Singapore claim they want to date such a wealthy and ambitious man, when they actually do, few of them can continue with the relationship once they see how much these men value their careers above all else, including their relationships.

Third of all, there is a misconception that men aged 50 and above or the elderly are the only ones who look for escort girls. That is definitely not the case in Singapore! In reality, men starting from their late 20s to mid-40s make up the majority of clientele who make reservations for escort girls. The commonality among these Singaporean men is that they are often time crunched for social activities due to their busy work schedule and are wealthy.

Also, there is a wrong preconception that the typical customer of an escort service is a socially awkward person around women, and that the only way these men can chat up or spend time with a beautiful woman is to pay for them.

Although this might be the case for some guys who book escorts in Singapore, it is not the case for the vast majority of clients who meet escorts. Once again, it is almost always because these men are too busy with their work schedule or are not ready to commit to any kind of serious dating relationship.

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