Environmental Exhibitions

Major Environmental Exhibitions

Global warming is one of the biggest initiatives worldwide. Environmental issues like waste management, overpopulation, biodiversity, and deforestation are major priorities of most countries. Environmental exhibitions are a key part of combating global warming, educating the public, and offering non-environmental-friendly alternatives.

Cleantech Forum North America

Cleantech Forum North America is an annual exhibition that targets issues related to global warming. The event brings environmental experts, government officials, investors, professionals, innovators, and entrepreneurs together under the same roof in San Diego, California.

The three-day event presents green energy innovators and companies aiming to generate environmentally friendly workplaces for their workers. Brainstorming sessions support collaborative discussions with some of the biggest names in the industry.

The Cleantech Group partners with JP Morgan to host one of the largest North American environmental exhibitions. The Cleantech Forum North America features an invite-only dinner for 100 innovative companies specifically chosen by the Cleantech Group.

Plastics Recycling World Expo

The Plastics Recycling World Expo is a must for anyone interested in protecting the environment. The exposition is all about recycling plastics in the most eco-friendly way possible. It is held in Cleveland, Ohio every year. Usually, the selected venue is the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. The event features many manufacturers of plastics recycling equipment and machinery. On top of that, it brings many supplies of materials related to the recycling of plastics.

Plastic tends to be one of the biggest problems in terms of global warming and waste. The expo attempts to find a way to deal with that problem. If you want to learn more about modern plastics recycling, you should book a trip to Cleveland so you can attend this cutting-edge event.

Solar Power Midwest

You should also consider attending the Solar Power Midwest Expo. It is held in Chicago, Illinois in May. It is one of the largest expositions focused on solar energy. Each year, the event hosts more than 80 speakers and at least 700 attendees. These speakers come from around the world so they can share their knowledge with others. The event gives attendees the ability to network with thousands of industry leaders. It also offers competitions and other cool events.

Members of many groups attend the Solar Power Midwest Expo to learn more about renewable energy. For instance, you will encounter manufacturers, developers, utility companies, non-profits, and more. Special pricing is available for government workers, non-profit members, and students.

Intersolar North America

Intersolar North America is one of the leading expos on solar energy. The innovative exposition will be held in San Diego, California in January. It may be one of the largest expos on this topic with more than 9,000 attendees each year. On top of that, the event hosts at least 500 exhibitors and 125 speakers.

Each exhibition booth focuses on solar energy. It gives attendees the chance to learn about the latest technologies related to solar energy.

The event is held at the pristine San Diego Convention Center so there is enough room for everyone. When you attend this event, you’ll get to play various Solar Games and win great prizes. Regardless, Intersolar North America is great for anyone interested in solar energy generation.

The Energy Venture Summit

The Energy Venture Summit may not focus entirely on the environment, but it touches on that topic a lot. Instead, the Energy Venture Summit focuses on energy technologies as well as alternative energy. Many of the exhibits will also touch on environmental topics. In general, this event focuses on the oil and gas side more than others. Guests may have access to one-on-one meetings with industry leaders. Some attendees include Cowboy Clean Fuels, Energy Foundry, Liberty Oilfield Services, and BioSqueeze.

The event showcases how oil and gas companies are changing their tactics to become greener.

Natural Products Expo West

You may be interested in attending the Natural Product Expo West Trade Shows. It is great for individuals interested in learning more about new natural products. The latest show will be held in Anaheim, California in March 2024. It spans multiple days so there will be plenty of exhibition booths to explore before leaving. The Anaheim Convention Center will be overflowing with neat exhibits showcasing the latest natural products. It is still early so there is plenty of time for other companies to sign up.

However, some of the top companies at the Natural Products Expo include 4 Gauge Fitness, 2foods, 2Fit Brands, 12 Tides, 24Vegan, and Advance Pet Product. These companies and others will have booths so they can show attendees their natural products. Other companies that will be at this event include American Testing Lab, Amest Foods, Amcor, and Armcom.

Waste Expo

The Waste Expo provides guests with a myriad of opportunities. For instance, guests will get to connect with more than 13,000 peers. The event is also home to more than 600 exhibitors. Waste Expo has been going on for more than 50 years making it one of the oldest trade shows in this group. It is held in Las Vegas in May. Each exhibition booth will focus on dealing with waste in sustainable, innovative ways. The exhibitor list is rapidly growing.

Some of the top companies on the list include Accent Wire Tie, AEI, 4Never, BOMAG, Bridgestone, Bullet Proof Diesel, Fire Rover, Harris, and Loadmaster. When you attend this event, you’ll get to learn more about these companies and their products.

Greenbuild Expo

Finally, you should think about attending the upcoming Greenbuild Expo. The trade show is primarily dedicated to green building. The latest Greenbuild Expo will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 2024 event will host some of the biggest names in the industry, including Graze Inc., ecostucco, SportsArt, R-Zero, CleanRiver Recycling Solutions, and 3E. During your visit, you’ll get to speak directly with key suppliers and shop around for business solutions. You can also have meetings with vendors and

peers. This innovative expo will provide guests with a unique experience. Some interactive attractions are available so you will enjoy a hands-on experience.

The San Diego Mission Bay Resort is scheduled to host the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America exhibition, starting January 22.

The Greenbuild International Conference aims to target climate change by encouraging environmental ly friendly building. Key speakers provide expert commentary on ways to combat global warming in new construction.


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