M4A4 Skins in Counter Strike 2

M4A4 Skins in Counter-Strike 2: Prices and Design

The rifle is one of the most sought-after weapon categories in CS:GO. Among all, the M4A4 is very popular. With a large supply of ammo, it can deal a lot of damage at long distances.

At the same time, csgo m4 has numerous skins that users have already fallen in love with. With the release of CS2, the question may arise, what will happen to the skins? Will they change, and will they exist at all?

What will happen to M4A4 skins?

The developer immediately stated that the skins are not going anywhere. On the contrary, they will be transformed, becoming brighter and more colorful. Let’s have a look at some of them and analyze possible changes.

M4A4 | Desert Storm

The Desert Storm skin has a camouflage pattern of brown, white and beige almost all over the body. The only exceptions are the grip and scope. These parts are black. As you can see in the new version, the colors have become more expressive, each shade has a pronounced color, and now you can clearly see where the border of brown ends and beige begins.

If we talk about the cost, today the minimum price is from $15 to $40, depending on the exterior. If we talk about a possible increase in prices, then it could be by $3–$10, since the skin is popular, and a new number of users will also pay attention to this skin.

M4A4 | Buzz Kill

On this skin, yellow paint has been applied to the base, which is combined with iridescent black paint, reminiscent of a shell. Also on the magazine for cartridges, the handle and the butt stock you can see the green color, reminiscent of camouflage.

If we talk about the cost, then the minimum prices are in the range of $6–$40. In the new version, you can notice that the skin has a more saturated color. The orange seems very bright, while in CS:GO the color was darker, and the hue was similar to light brown.

It is predicted that already in CS2 this skin may be more expensive by $2–$10, so now is a good opportunity to get the skin cheaper and, if necessary, sell it for more.

Where to buy and sell skins

Today, skin trading has become a process that is tantamount to trading company shares. Specialized sites for the sale of skins have begun to resemble a real stock exchange. However, as in other businesses, you need to be careful not to deal with scammers.

For quality trading, you should pay attention to the DMarket platform. This site has already established itself as a platform for trading, buying or selling a skin safely. Why else should you pay attention to this site:

  • a large assortment of skins;
  • payment security;
  • low commission;
  • withdrawal of real money in convenient ways.

Earn money by selling skins and, because with the release of a new version of the shooter, the cost may increase, which will enable users who have skins in their collection to sell them more expensively.

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