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Knee Tattoos for Females: 10 Designs to Inspire You

Life is full of many wonderful moments that are worth commemorating. And one of the best ways to do this is with a tattoo. While an arm, thigh, or inner wrist are the first places people choose to ink, there is one body part very few think to tattoo — the knees!

Knee tattoos get a bad rap for being painful. However, it’s undeniable that they look incredible, especially if you’re a lady with amazing legs! So, if you’re looking for some designs to add to your knees, here are the best knee tattoos for females to inspire you!

Do Knee Tattoos Hurt?


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If you already have ink on your body, then you know there are a few body parts that are more painful to tattoo than others. The knees rank pretty high on that list.

The reason for the high-pain level has to do with the composition of the knees. The kneecaps are almost 100% bone, with only a thin layer of skin, cartilage, and ligaments covering them. In short, there is no muscle to pad the area and offer protection.

Therefore, when you tattoo your kneecaps, the vibrations from the needle go straight into the bone. The process causes immense pain, which can radiate through your entire leg, depending on how closely your tattoo is to the bone.

However, while it’s undeniable you’ll experience pain, the amount of pain you’ll endure hinges on several factors:

Age — While there isn’t enough research on how age affects pain tolerance, some scientists theorize that younger people can handle tattoo pain better. This is because older skin is looser and bruises more easily.
Sex — According to experts, people who were born biologically female are more sensitive to tattoo pain. However, recent research shows that while men can endure more pain, women tend to handle pain better long term.
Experience — As expected, you’re more likely to handle the pain better if you’ve gotten tattoos in the past. A new study revealed that people with existing tattoos seem to have a higher pain threshold than those without.

Top 10 Knee Tattoos for Females

Though knee tattoos are painful, they look too beautiful to pass up — especially if you choose the right design.

1. Flowers


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A flower tattoo can be pretty uninspiring. However, if you put one on your knee, you get a piece of ink like no other. Roses, hydrangeas, and lotuses all have round open blossoms that fit perfectly on the kneecaps.

2. Animal Faces


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Face tattoos are risky because they can become deformed with age. But, if you choose the right animal, the tattoo will conform beautifully to your knee. A lioness, a snarling panther, or a fierce bear are ideal choices if you want something to symbolize your feminine strength. However, if you’re looking for something milder, then you can always go with a cute panda head or a dog.

3. Fractal Art


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Everyone always gets infinity signs to represent eternity. But did you know there is a shape that represents the same thing but looks much more impressive?

In math, fractals are patterns that have no end. They’re one of the most complex shapes in existence, and they can be found everywhere in the natural world. In short, a fractal tattoo is the most creative way to represent the cyclical nature of life and death.

4. Sun and Moon


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Sun and moon tattoos are ideal if you’re planning to get complementary tattoos on both your knees.

5. Black Widow


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It takes a special kind of femme fatale to sport a black widow tattoo on her knee. However, if you want to show your fearlessness, then there is no better ink design than this spider.

6. Spiderweb


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If you aren’t a fan of spiders but think their webs would look amazing on your skin, a spiderweb knee tattoo is the way to go!

7. Laurel Wreath


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What could be a better representation of your life’s victories than the symbol of triumph itself! Plus, since the laurel wreath is round, it can fit snugly around your kneecap.

8. Butterfly


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Butterfly tattoos are a superb choice if you don’t want something large that will take up your entire kneecap.

9. A Bird Opening Its Wings


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A bird tattoo won’t match the shape of your knees exactly. However, if you place it right under the kneecap, you will get a design that reflects your free spirit!

10. Open Eye


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Can you think of anything more eye-catching than a literal eye? The shape alone conforms flawlessly to the knees. Plus, if you add some vibrant color to the iris, you’ll get a knee tattoo for females nobody will forget!

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