how to tell if your crewneck t shirt fits
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How To Tell If Your Crewneck T-Shirt Fits

Most guys wear crewneck T-shirts pretty often. We mean, day to night kind of often. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as tees are one of the most comfortable and versatile garments out there.

What is wrong is wearing an ill-fitting crewneck that will not only ruin your outfits but also won’t do your body any favors.

But how do you tell if your crewneck T-shirt fits? We’ve got you covered!

The Perfect Tee

While it may seem different initially, finding the perfect fitting tee can be quite the task! Some drape weirdly, others cling to the body like a wetsuit, and some just don’t work with any of your clothes!

One of the best ways to find the perfect crewneck T-shirt is to shop for trusted and high-quality brands only.

One of those brands is Fresh Clean Threads which offers everything you look for in the tee, from soft, stretchy, breathable fabric to a stylish fit for any body shape!

The T-shirt Sizes

We’re not sure if it’s just us, but it seems like it’s become especially hard in recent years to trust the sizing of clothes. A small crewneck in one shop might be a medium in another, making it extra challenging if you’re shopping online.

What do you do then? Well, we suggest trying a few different sizes when shopping in person or looking up a size chart with the exact measurements on your online store’s website. If you’re unsure how to measure yourself, you’ll find a brief tutorial at the end of this article.

Lastly, don’t worry about needing to fit your “regular” sizes because, as we’ve just established, those don’t exist anymore!

The Fit

Once you’ve found the size that works for you, there are several other guidelines to keep in mind to ensure that your crewneck T-shirt fits just right.

The good thing is that these guidelines and suggestions work for any body type, age, or other characteristics. And of course, you should leave some space for your preferences!

Here are a few critical points to remember and that we’ll explore further:

• Collar/neckline
• Shoulders
• Sleeves
• Length
• Width/tightness
• Shape


Crewneck tee is a timeless classic and looks good on everyone. When choosing the best neckline for you, ensure it’s not bulging or that it’s not too tight (you don’t want to choke!).

Trust your senses and follow the general rule that it’s probably the right choice if it’s comfortable.


This one’s a biggie because when the shoulder seams fall right, you’ve done the main part of the job!

The seams should reach the end of your shoulder but not beyond that, so if the seam goes down the upper arm, look for another tee – this one’s too big. If the opposite happens and the seam doesn’t reach the end of the shoulder, you need a larger size!

Any pinching, pulling, or tugging is unacceptable.


While the sleeve length is somewhat of a personal preference, it should generally end halfway down your upper arm, but you have room for some deviations based on your height and body build.

To look just right, we recommend a not-too-tight yet not-too-wide sleeve where you have about 1-1,5 inches of loose fabric. Again, if you prefer showing off those muscles, go for a tighter fit, and if you like a wider fit, allow for some extra fabric.


A few things are as frustrating as lifting your arms and your crewneck tee exposing your belly! That’s why you should pay special attention to the length of your T-shirt.

Generally, the ideal length s around 2 inches below the bottom edge of your belt, which will protect you from involuntary exposure.

You don’t want it too long though as we’re not looking for a dress. Besides, too much fabric will make it difficult to tuck the tee in!


This one’s a little tricky because it depends on your tee style. A fitted t-shirt will, of course, be tighter than an oversized one.

However, for a regular fit, you want around an inch of fabric on each side of your torso. You also don’t want a too-tight tee as it may make you look like you’re wearing a size too small.

A too-wide tee is probably really comfy, but it looks like a potato sack!

Generally, there are three traditional tee fits – slim, classic, and oversized. Slim fit is the tightest and ideal for layering and showing off your figure. Classic fit is loser yet not too wide fit that hugs the figure but doesn’t highlight everything.

An oversized fit is just as the name indicates – a loosely fitting t-shirt that’s been beloved by comfort fans and various subcultures.


You should always shop for high-quality tees because they have a shape and keep it even after multiple washes.

Cheaper ones have no shape and look drab. Whatever your body shape, you still want to look stylish, so opt for a tee that follows the lines of the body and isn’t just squares of low-quality fabric sewn together!

The best fabrics for your crewneck are cotton, linen, cotton and polyester blends, and hi-performance fabrics for exercise.

How To Measure Yourself

And now for the promised measuring guide! As we’ve touched upon, it’s become almost impossible to trust the simple “S,” “M,” “L,” and other sizes on your tees because they vary so much.

Following the specific brand’s sizing chart is your best bet of getting the right-sized crewneck! But what exactly do you measure? While you can do it yourself, it’s best if you ask someone else with a measuring tape to help you or measure your best-fitting crew!

And it’s all super simple! First, you measure your chest by wrapping the tape measure under your armpits and the widest part of your chest. Hold the tape as tight as you want your tee to be.

Then you measure for length by standing straight and measuring from the high point of your shoulder to below your belt line. Done!

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