how to get your nose unstuffed

Fighting Colds and Allergies: How to Get Your Nose Unstuffed

If you’re anything like most people, you’re probably used to taking clear nasal passages for granted. Among other things, that’s why a blocked nose can be so unnerving — it’s unpleasant, stubborn, and usually unexpected. Yet there seems no greater relief than being able to breathe through your nose again.

So, if your stuffy nose is giving you a hard time, it’s time you took care of it. Below, you’ll find out how to get your nose unstuffed and finally breathe a sigh of relief.

How to Get Your Nose Unstuffed: 6 Ways


1. Rinse the Inside of Your Nose

One of the most effective ways to get rid of momentary congestion is to rinse your nasal cavity. You can use a neti pot to thin the mucus inside your nose and clear the nasal passages.

Also called nasal saline irrigation, this therapy takes advantage of saltwater (saline). Pouring it into your nostril through a neti pot will ensure your sinuses are clear and your spontaneous congestion is gone.

2. Take an Antihistamine

Is your stuffy nose a seasonal thing that’s making you resent spring? If so, you’re probably up against a reaction to pollen or allergic rhinitis.

One of the ways to treat it might be by taking antihistamines — drugs that target the common cold and many types of allergies. They fight your congestion by blocking the effects of histamine coming as your immune response to different kinds of allergens.

3. Apply Acupressure

This traditional Chinese medicine practice unblocks the energy flow and helps relieve tension in different body parts. It makes use of nothing more than manually-applied pressure.

While this method may not treat your cold, pressing your fingers on the side of your nose and holding them there for three minutes will relieve your sinus tension. After a while, your nasal passages should be open, and you’ll be able to breathe normally.

4. Inhale Steam

Like saltwater, steam will thin the mucus inside your nose and clear your nasal cavity. Thus, you may want to try pouring boiling water into a bowl and leaning over it for a while.

Remember to cover your head with a towel so that the steam doesn’t get away. Also, keep your mouth closed and breathe the steam in through your nose. You can repeat this procedure up to four times a day until you feel better.

5. Use a Nasal Strip

Another way to open your nasal passages and improve your breathing is to apply flexible bands above the flare of your nostrils. You can get nasal strips in almost any pharmacy — just remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using them.

The strips seem most effective at night if you apply them right before bedtime. Apart from fighting your congestion, they might also help you stop snoring. As a result, you’ll get more sleep and wake up feeling more energized in the morning.

6. Eat Something Spicy

Spicy food doesn’t only increase your appetite — it also opens up your airways. Thus, adding chili peppers and other piquant ingredients to your meals can help you combat congestion.

As it goes, spicy food has a thinning effect on the mucus, too. So, if you’re feeling hungry, indulge in your favorite curry dish guilt-free. After all, it’s for the sake of your health.

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