how much does a fishing license cost at walmart

FAQ: How Much Does a Fishing License Cost at Walmart?

In the United States, approximately 60 million people enjoy fishing, mostly recreationally. If you’re into this activity, you know that it’s necessary to have a license, no matter which state you live in. The easiest way to obtain it, as silly as it may seem, is at a Walmart.

If you’re wondering: how much does a fishing license cost at Walmart?, we have the answers. Below, you will find all you need to know about Walmart fishing licenses. At the end, we also answer some frequently asked questions.

How Much Does a Fishing License Cost at Walmart? A State-by-State Breakdown


First and foremost, the cost of your Walmart fishing license will depend on the amount of time it is valid for. For example, you can get a one-day license for as low as $6.50. Alternatively, one that will serve you for a whole year often costs around $60.

Certain states offer permits valid for three, six, or fourteen days, as well as for two or three years. In some parts of the country, you might even be able to get a lifetime license and cover yourself forever.

Another factor that can influence the price of your license is your age. Generally speaking, licenses for the younger and the elderly are always more affordable. Most states sell annual licenses to those over 65 for just around $10. The same often applies to those under 18.

Whether the license you want and need is for fresh- or saltwater is also an important thing to consider. Those for saltwater are usually more expensive, regardless of how long they are valid for. But, once again, this factor fully depends on where you live. Some parts of the country don’t offer saltwater licenses at all.

Finally, the biggest factor on which the price depends is the state you live in. But, don’t worry — although there is no one fee valid in every state, they do not vary too significantly. After taking into account all the variables, we have compiled the prices for the states where people fish the most below.

1. Alabama

In Alabama, you can get a fishing license at Walmart if you are over 16 years old. Residents and non-residents can get licenses valid for one day, a week, or a year.

Annual freshwater licenses cost just $13.55 for residents and $52.50 for those who aren’t. Those for saltwater can only be valid for a week, and they cost $9.95 for residents and $28.20 for non-residents. Compared to other states, these numbers are somewhere in the middle price range.

2. California

California has the same prices for both fresh- and saltwater licenses. This state is one of the most expensive ones to fish in if you are not a resident, as you’d have to pay more than $130 for an annual one. However, the prices for residents are lower than those in Alabama: $48.34.

3. Colorado

If you need to know: “how much does a fishing license cost at Walmart in Colorado?,” we have all the information right here. This state offers some of the best discounts for senior citizens and teens, as they have to pay only 30% of the usual price whether they are residents or not. Other states are usually not so giving, although they do offer discounts.

Annual licenses for adults cost $35.17 for residents and $97.97 for non-residents. There are no differences between the types of water you want to fish in where the prices are concerned.

4. Florida

Florida has some of the most affordable prices in the country for Walmart fishing licenses. An annual license for a resident costs just $17, while non-residents have to pay $79.

5. Mississippi

An annual recreational fishing license for residents will cost you $47.29 in Mississippi. If you are not a resident, you will have to pay $64.29. This state does not require minors to have a license. Thus, anyone under the age of 18 can fish without a license according to state law.

6. Illinois

In Illinois, everyone older than 16 has to have a license to fish in any non-private waters. The permit is not necessary for lakes or other bodies of water that are located on private land.

The annual price for residents is $15 and for non-residents $31.50. This state also offers you the opportunity to get a lifetime license at Walmart, and that would cost you $435.

7. Louisiana

If you want to be able to fish for a year in Louisiana’s freshwaters and you are a resident, you will have to pay just $9.50 at your local Walmart. For non-residents, the price is $60, which is quite a difference.

The good news is that this state offers the best discounts for senior citizens, as they only have to pay $5 a year. However, there are no discounts for teens.

8. Minnesota

Everyone between the ages of 16 and 89 has to have a valid license to be able to fish in Minnesota’s waters. You can get a license valid for a day ($12), for 72 hours ($14), or 3 years ($71). The 3-year license is definitely one of the best bargains in the country. It is the perfect choice if you really enjoy fishing and do it often.

9. New Jersey

If you want to fish in New Jersey, you not only need a license for all state-owned waters, but also for any private lakes. The only ones who are exempt from that rule are those under the age of 16. Residents have to pay $22.50 for an annual permit, while non-residents have to pay a bit more: $34.

10. New York

For residents of the State of New York, the price is $25 a year, and for non-residents, it’s $50. Senior citizens can get a great discount, so you should inquire about that at your local Walmart.

11. Oklahoma

To be able to fish in Oklahoma, residents have to pay $25 and non-residents $55. This state offers a great discount to teens aged 16 and 17, as they only have to pay $5 annually.

12. South Carolina

South Carolina is another state that makes no distinctions between salt- and freshwater fishing, as the prices are the same. An annual license for residents costs just $10. You can get a three-year permit as well, and it will cost you $30.

If you fish often, then the 3-year option is better in the long run, as you won’t have to worry about renewing it every year.

How to Get a Walmart Fishing License


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In case you need information for any other state or want to see the prices for daily or weekly permits, asking around at your local Walmart is the best idea. They will have all the info you need and they will help you figure out which license can work for you.

That said, let’s focus on what it takes to actually get a Walmart fishing license. The process is pretty simple. Most stores across the country sell them, except for really small ones. If you happen to visit a Walmart that doesn’t offer licenses, you can ask the employee to point you in the direction of the nearest one that does.

Before paying the license fee, you will have to fill out a form or two. In addition, you will have to present a valid ID or driver’s license and proof of residency if you are a resident of the state you’re buying the license in.

Next, you will have to choose for how long you wish your license to be valid. That depends on your needs and preferences, as well as on how much you can pay at a given time. Though annual licenses are more expensive in the short run, they are a better investment than any other license type.

How Much Does a Fishing License Cost at Walmart? FAQ


1. What is the best time to get a fishing license at Walmart?

You can get a fishing license at Walmart at any time for as long as it is open. So, there are no set hours that are reserved for that only. Just pick any time you’re free and the Walmart is open, and you’ll be good.

2. Is it possible to get a license online?

Before the Covid pandemic hit, you could only get your license in person. However, now you can also apply for one on Walmart’s website. You will still have to provide the same documents, fill out the same forms, and pay the same fees, but you will be able to do it from the comfort of your home.

So, if you want to keep yourself and everyone at Walmart safe, you can apply for the license online. You will get it just as quickly as you would in person.

3. Is a Walmart fishing license legal?

Yes, a fishing license from Walmart is indeed legal, as it is exactly the same as the one that the government issues. In fact, the government authorizes Walmarts to sell the licenses as that is easier both on government officials and on the people seeking the permits.

The only difference is the fact that the Walmart one is much easier to get, and the waiting time isn’t as long. So, it will be completely legal for you to fish in any state with a license from Walmart.

4. What documents do I need to provide to get a license?

First and foremost, you need a valid document of identification. It can be either your ID, passport, or driver’s license. Then, you will also need proof of residence in a certain state if you have one. That will reduce your license fee considerably.

5. Does Walmart sell all kinds of fishing licenses?

Yes, it does. Whether you want a salt- or freshwater license, you will be able to get it at Walmart. It also offers all types of validity periods, from one day to three years (all depending on your state).

6. Do I need a separate license or to pay extra for ice fishing?

No, not at all. The license you get for regular recreational fishing will cover ice fishing as well. Thus, you do not have to have a separate one or pay any extra fees.

7. Can I use my fishing license in another state?

Usually — no, but there are exceptions. Certain states share the same bodies of water and have agreements that allow you to use the same license. For example, you only need one saltwater license for Virginia and Maryland. It is always best to check if your license is valid in the neighboring state before planning that fishing trip.

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