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5 Healthy Energy Drinks To Get You Through the Day

Often used by tired students and third shift workers, energy drinks are popular energy-boosting beverages. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, energy drinks are the second most popular supplement American adolescents use.

However, some energy drinks have the potential to affect the nervous and cardiovascular systems detrimentally. Here are five healthy energy drinks to get you through the day.

What Are Energy Drinks?


Advertised for their ability to boost energy and mental awareness, energy drinks are beverages generally packed with sugars, caffeine, additives, and legal stimulants like taurine, L-carnitine, or guarana.

While these legal stimulants improve energy levels, attention, and alertness, they also raise the drinker’s heart rate and blood pressure. Many energy drinks are available on the market, coming in sizes ranging from 2 oz energy shots to 16 oz bottles.

Are Energy Drinks Healthy?


Most energy drinks have a slew of side effects and risks, often exacerbated by unhealthy practices like ingestion in combination with marijuana, alcohol, certain medications, or caffeine overdose from general regular overconsumption.

However, several new energy drinks on the market contain tea-based formulas, natural fruit flavorings, B vitamins, no added sugars or artificial sweeteners, cold-pressed vegetables, and even brain-benefiting adaptogens.

While none are as healthy as energy-boosting activities like power walks, these new beverages are promising alternatives to popular energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster.

The Pros of Energy Drinks


The primary benefit of energy drinks is reducing fatigue while increasing mental functions such as concentration and alertness. Most of this comes from caffeine delivery that works faster than that found in soda or coffee. Scientific studies have even proven Red Bull’s effectiveness in decreasing drowsiness during driving.

Some energy drinks include additional beneficial supplements such as B vitamins while offering a wide variety of flavors at a more affordable price than most popular coffee retailers.

The Cons of Energy Drinks


Despite their benefits, energy drinks often pack quite a few health risks, mainly heart issues such as rhythm irregularities, heart attacks, dehydration, anxiety, increases in heart rate and blood pressure, and caffeine-related problems like migraines and jitters.

In rare cases of overconsumption, caffeine-sensitive individuals may suffer from caffeine overdose, experiencing symptoms including dizziness, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, and hallucinations.

Due to high sugar content and acidity, most energy drinks also raise the risk of type 2 diabetes, tooth enamel damage, and weight gain. Further, regular energy drink consumption may interfere with healthy sleep patterns causing insomnia.

5 Healthy Energy Drinks

While 5 hour Energy and Monster, for example, give energy drinks a bad reputation, there are promising healthier energy drinks emerging on the market. These drinks tend to have more natural ingredients and low sugar content.

Some even contain additives to include additional beneficial vitamins and minerals. Below are arguably some of the healthiest energy drinks on the market.

1) Nuun Energy


Image source: Pinterest

The first on our list is Nuun Energy which, unlike the other drinks discussed, comes in a tablet form that quickly dissolves into a glass of water. Nuun Energy utilizes a minimal mix of natural ingredients, such as vitamins, stevia leaf extract, organic beet powder, but still delivers high energy results.

Better yet, Nuun Energy employs organic ginseng extract for its caffeine content and only contains 2g of added sugars.

2) EBOOST Super Fuel


Image source: Pinterest

Another exceptional energy drink option, EBOOST Super Fuel, raises energy levels with 110 mg of natural caffeine obtained from natural plant-based sources. It also contains cognitive-function boosting nootropics and hydrating electrolytes alongside a mix of fundamental minerals and vitamins.

EBOOST Super Fuel is available in three flavors: Strawberry Lemonade, Ginger Lime, and Orange Mango.

3) V8+ Energy


Image source: Pinterest

V8+ Energy is green tea infused with a natural caffeine content similar to the amount of synthetic caffeine found in a Red Bull. Full of B vitamins necessary for healthy cell functioning and nerves, this beverage packs a lot of punch for less than 60 calories.

Moreover, V8+ Energy has no added sugars or GMO products but rather a whole serving of flavor-enhancing vegetables and fruits.

4) METTA Natural Awareness Beverage


Image source: Pinterest

Next on our list is METTA Natural Awareness Beverage, which has zero caffeine content, perfect for caffeine-sensitive individuals. Rather than caffeine, natural herbs such as ginseng and rhodiola are implemented to help with mental functioning, stamina, and immunity as a means of increasing energy levels.

METTA Natural Awareness Beverage offers a fruity flavor with blueberries, lemon, and ginger extracts. It is also an excellent match for those suffering from allergies as it is gluten-free.

5) RUNA Energy Drinks


Image source: Pinterest

Brewed with organic guayusa tea, RUNA Energy Drinks use these tea leaves as a natural source of caffeine. Each 12 oz can contains 150 mg of caffeine, and although it is less stimulating than synthetic caffeine, it has beneficial antioxidants.

RUNA Energy Drinks are available in many flavors, such as watermelon, blood orange, lime, pomegranate, berry, mango, pineapple, mint, and strawberry.

How to Pick the Best Energy Drink For You


With so many energy drinks on the market, many promoting misleading marketing campaigns, it can be pretty challenging to determine which energy drink is best suited for you. Luckily, you can check a few ingredient “red flags” when searching for the perfect option.

To begin, check the caffeine amount is less than 300mg and that the caffeine source is naturally occurring rather than synthetic.

Further, avoid artificial ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, and artificial preservatives. It’s best to avoid those with added sugars as they can spike blood sugar levels, causing you to crash later in the day.

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