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The Secret to Manifesting: A Guide to Grabovoi Codes

If you’ve been a gamer since the 2000s, you might remember having a piece of paper with all the GTA San Andreas cheat codes written down. You also know that typing “motherlode” in The Sims gives you extra 50,000 simoleons — otherwise, how could you ever afford all that luxury?

But what you probably don’t know is that similar hacking techniques exist in real life. If you’re on TikTok, you may have noticed everyone talking about Grabovoi codes. What are they, and which practice do they rely on? More importantly, how can you use them?

What Are Grabovoi Codes?

Put simply, Grabovoi codes refer to the numerous cheat codes of the universe. Also called Grabovoi numbers, they represent numerical values ascribed to all the abstract things in life. Like your simulated friends from above, they can give you money and luxury. More importantly, these numbers can bring you love, peace, or protection — to name but a few.

But stop beating yourself up for not having heard of them sooner. The truth is, these numbers have been around for quite a while but haven’t been nearly as popular as they are now. Today, Grabovoi codes owe much of their fame to TikTok and other social media platforms. Still, they never would have happened if it wasn’t for a rather controversial man called Grigori Grabovoi.

Who Invented Grabovoi Codes?

As it goes, this Russian mathematician found the universe’s cheat codes using his Radionic machine. According to Grigori, everything is connected through the Earth’s electromagnetic field. When something in this field gets distorted, it leaves people in sickness and sorrow.

Luckily, this Russian psychic found a way to use such powers to our advantage — to manifest all the things we want in life. Still, it seems that his unorthodox ways were too controversial at the time. Grigori’s claim to have the power to resurrect the children killed in a school shooting even led to his arrest in 2008.

Which Practice Do Grabovoi Codes Follow?

Grabovoi numbers belong to the rising technique called manifestation. In simple terms, manifesting allows you to think happy thoughts and attract good things in life. This practice presupposes that fairytale-like things can happen to people who have a positive mindset. But apart from that, they need to be determined and somewhat selfish in their need to succeed.

Although you can practice manifestation without codes, it’s safer to use the pre-established hacks like Grabovoi numbers. The reason is that clarity and accuracy are the best ways to manifest what you really want. Below, you’ll find exactly how to do it with the help of these magical codes.

How to Use Grabovoi Codes


At first glance, it seems there’s no wrong way to use Grabovoi codes for your manifestation purposes. Still, to make sure you’re on the right track, try to follow these tips:

• Make a wish and script it. Start by considering what you want and need in life — the thing you’d like to manifest. Once you’ve got it, write it down on a piece of paper or in your manifestation journal. Then, brainstorm for additional ideas and the possible ways your dream might come true. Don’t forget to include the Grabovoi code that stands for that exact wish.

• Memorize your affirmation. Repeat what you wrote a couple of times until you’ve learned it by heart. Practice makes perfect — therefore, take your time to study it early in the morning and before bedtime.

• Repeat the affirmation together with its code. Whenever you feel hopeful, say your affirmation out loud, including the Grabovoi number that goes with it. For example, utter something along the lines of: “I am attracting self-healing, activating code 9187948181.”

• Visualize your manifestation. Remember your reasons behind manifesting and how much you want to achieve this particular thing. Take the piece of paper with your affirmation, and keep it close to your heart or under your pillow. Then, close your eyes and imagine your wish coming true. Don’t forget to thank the universe in advance, as that will create an even more positive atmosphere.

• Manifest using crystals. Pairing Grabovoi codes with crystals is currently one of the most popular teenage trends online. To manifest your wish, write it down on a piece of paper and a crystal. Then, visualize your desire, holding the two objects wrapped in your hand. You can also carry them in your pocket or bag so that your wish stays close.

What Are Some Popular Grabovoi Codes?

Everything up until now may have seemed like a fairytale land. If so, it’s time we made a little twist to the story and got practical. As you already know, there are many things you can attract using Grabovoi codes — from weight loss to unexpected money. Below, you’ll find which code you’ll need to use to manifest all the things you want out of life.

And the best thing is — you can practice your little manifestation rituals how many times you want. You can also use multiple Grabovoi codes throughout the same day to manifest different desires. As long as your intentions are good and you’re determined to reach your goal, your chances of success will be high.

Also, don’t put too much thought into what the digits symbolize — you aren’t here to solve any Robert Langdon mysteries. Instead, write down any of the following Grabovoi codes you might find useful, and use them in your next affirmation:

• love: 888 412 1289018
• peace: 1001105010
• fame: 8277247
• unexpected money: 520 741 8
• weight loss: 5342168
• dream job: 493151
• romantic love: 3856794
• financial abundance: 318 798

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