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10 Uncommon Gifts For Cops That Will Be Highly Appreciated

Want to honor the men and women in blue? A thoughtful gift can go a long way in appreciating a cop’s service and sacrifice as they serve our society. If you have a cop in your life you want to celebrate, there are a number of unique gifts that can help showcase your gratitude, love, and appreciation for their hard work.

Not sure what gift to choose? This article’s compiled a list of some of the best gifts for cops that they will not only appreciate but also enjoy using.

Is It OK To Give a Gift To a Police Officer?


Technically, no. A police officer cannot accept gifts from the public as it can be considered bribery. The United States Department of Justice has stringent guidelines about what is and isn’t acceptable.

Also, according to Section 203-16 of the NYCPD Patrol Guide, cops are prohibited from accepting gifts with a high monetary value, and violators could risk being reviewed by the Board of Ethics.

So, if you want to show your appreciation for a local police officer who has positively impacted your life, make sure that you first take permission from the police chief and choose something with low monetary value so that you don’t inadvertently get the police officer in trouble.

10 Gifts for Cops

#1. A Personalized Whiskey Decanter


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What better way for a cop to put their feet up and wind down after a hard day’s work than to pour themselves a stiff one and relax? For a cop who likes to relax on their recliner after chasing down the bad guys, a personalized whiskey decanter would be just the thing to store their evening drinks in an elegant decanter.

You can customize it with a traditional, simple police badge or truly make it personalized with the cop’s name along with the year they started working as a cop.

#2. A Personalized Tumbler


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Cops are often in a very high-stress environment and caffeine tends to be their beverage of choice to power through the day. Why not gift them a reusable stainless steel tumbler that they can carry around and refill throughout the day.

A stainless steel tumbler is also an eco-friendly choice as they wouldn’t have to buy multiple disposable cups of Joe all day long. The tumbler will also keep their beverage hot for a longer time.

#3. A Concealed Carry Holster


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A well-made concealed carry holster is one of the most useful gifts to give to a cop so they can protect themselves while on duty. It’s the perfect gift that they can use to house their weapon safely on the job.

You can choose a leather holster for a more traditional cop or an automatic holster that has a switch to automatically unclasp the gun from the holster.

#4. Police Badge Bottle Opener


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A police badge bottle opener is a fun token or gift for a cop that will surely make them chuckle. Ideally, you should choose a bottle opener that is 1/16-inch thick, almost as big as a credit card, so they can simply slot it in their wallets, keeping it handy when they need it.

A stainless steel bottle opener will see a lot of use, whether it’s for beer or soda, making it both useful and fun.

#5. St. Michael Challenge Coin


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Did you know that St. Michael is the patron saint of police officers as well as the military and paramedics?

The St. Michael Challenge coin features a prayer of protection for service officers as they carry out their sworn duty.

When searching for thoughtful gifts for law enforcement officers, consider the meaningful gesture of police challenge coins. These custom tokens hold significance and honor the dedication of those who serve. Explore a wide range of options for police challenge coins to find the perfect expression of gratitude. Although many challenge coins are meant to be earned by cops, giving them a token version will also be very much appreciated.

#6. A Coffee Subscription


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We all know that coffee is the lifeblood of many cops, especially those on duty during the night. So, why not give them a gourmet coffee experience by gifting them a coffee subscription?

There are several coffee subscriptions you can choose from, ranging from exotic beans to flavored coffees. And when you select a monthly subscription, there will be enough coffee to share with all the police officers in their unit!

#7. Cigars


There is just something about a cigar that’s too suave and debonair. And most cops will indulge in this occasional vice to commemorate a special occasion in their life.

Whether you are looking to give an expensive hand-rolled cigar box or a high-quality Nicaraguan cigar, cigars are a timeless gift to give a police officer.

#8. Badge Wallet


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Another great gift for a police officer is a badge holder to keep all their IDs, cash bills, and police badge. You can choose a good quality wallet made of European leather or one with a removable flap that allows more room and flexibility so that the badge and ID can be presented separately without the wallet.

#9. Police Officer Thin Blue Line Watch


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A watch is a classic gift to give to a police officer. Not only is it useful and functional but also works as a great reminder of the gift-giver and their appreciation.

In particular, choose a watch with a thin blue line to honor the men and women in blue and the sacrifices they make to protect the community.

#10. Blue Line Flag Bracelet


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A great token of gratitude to your local police unit is gifting them blue line flag bracelets. This variety, in particular, is made of rubber, so longevity would not be a problem.

The thin blue lines not only represent the risk police officers take every single day but they also represent veteran officers who have lost their lives on duty. It’s a thoughtful tribute to the brave police officers.

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