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12 Get Well Gifts For Men That Will Cheer Him Up

A thoughtful, personal gift can go a long way in helping someone feel better and letting them know you care for them, regardless of whether recovering from major surgery or are simply feeling under the weather. The right get well gift for a man in your life can make a person’s road to recovery a lot smoother.

So, how do you choose the perfect gift to say “get well soon” to a man? Keep reading to find out!

How To Pick Get Well Gifts For Men


Picking out a gift for someone can sometimes be tricky. But the key is to take into account their likes, dislikes, and even needs.

Assuming that the man is recovering from an illness or surgery, your gift should be something that helps them in their recovery, be it mentally or physically. But the gift should also be something that a person likes.

For example, if you gift the man a basket of fruits, don’t include oranges if they don’t like them; instead, make sure you add more of their favorites!

12 Get Well Gift Ideas For Men

#1. Healthy Snacks Basket


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A snacks basket is perhaps the best gift to give to someone who’s sick or recovering from an injury or surgery.

You could curate a snacks basket of the man’s favorite things. Make sure to include a bunch of fruits such as oranges, apples, pomegranates, and pears for that boost of vitamin C. Add granola bars or organic pretzels, as well as some cheat treats for a feel-good factor.

#2. Luxury Bath Set


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A bath set is not one of the first things you would think of when trying to come up with a gift for a man, especially as a get well gift. But, a luxury bath set can be just what someone would need to wind down and give themselves a little “me time” to feel rejuvenated. Why not extend this luxury to the men in our lives?

You can choose a luxury bath set with more woody and spicy scent notes. Or you can even choose bath sets that include a complete set with loofahs, lotions, and scented candles that would work for their needs.

#3. Comforter


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A comforter is a cozy, comforting gift and can be extremely useful beyond being a “get well soon” gift.

You also have endless varieties to choose from, such as a weighted blanket or a plush fluffy one in his favorite color.

A gifted blanket can be a symbol of friendship and warmth, and your sick boyfriend or friend will genuinely appreciate a thoughtful gift like this when they are sick.

#4. Candy Gift Basket


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What better than a gift basket filled to the brim with their favorite candies to cheer him up? It’s the best way to keep them smiling!

This is a gift that would definitely improve their mood and lift their spirits! You can fill the basket with their favorite candies, chocolates, and some luxury sweets to boost their mood.

#5. Nintendo Switch


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If the gift is for a gamer recovering from surgery or illness where they may be on bed rest for a few days, the best pick-me-up gift to keep them in good spirits is a Nintendo Switch.

This is a great gift since they can play their favorite games in bed and keep themselves distracted for a while.

#6. Headphones for Soothing Tunes


Music heals, and listening to a favorite song can uplift anyone’s mood. So, why not give the man in your life a great set of headphones that they can use to not only listen to some tunes but also listen to some audiobooks or podcasts to while away time.

There are a variety of headphones to select from that offer some incredible features like wireless headphones, headphones with good bass, or noise-canceling headphones. Make sure you select one that they would want to use; for example, a headphone with high bass would be perfect if the man is a music lover!

#7. Personalized Mugs


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Mugs are not only a cost-efficient gift but they are also very useful — one can never have too many mugs to use. To make the gift more personal, get it personalized with his name or a sweet quote or joke to cheer him up, making it something he will cherish.

#8. Favorite Food


Whether it is a quick burger and fries combo he loves from In-N-Out, a gourmet version of his favorite ice cream, or a homecooked meal, you can’t beat the gift of a comforting meal.

#9. Engraved Grill Set


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BBQ grills are the one thing that almost all men would appreciate. If the man you’re planning the gift for is fond of barbecuing, an engraved grilling set would surely cheer them up as they recover. A complete grilling set would also include a pair of tongs, a spatula, and a grilling fork, which you can get individually engraved.

#10. Scented Candles


One might think that scented candles are only for women, but you wouldn’t be more wrong. Scented candles not only help keep your home smelling good, but they can also create a very relaxing environment that can benefit someone recovering from a sickness.

Choose a relaxing scent like sandalwood or citrus or aromatherapy blends that include eucalyptus and vetiver — they are calming and also qualify as “masculine” scents.

#11. Flavored Coffee Or Tea


For a tea or coffee fanatic, a good quality flavored coffee or tea will be really appreciated. Both beverages, but especially tea, can help someone who’s feeling fatigued or suffering from a cold.

A green tea blend with chrysanthemum, peppermint, ginger, or citrus ingredients can go a long way in helping their recovery.

#12. Subscription To His Favorite Sports Channel


For avid sports fans, you can’t possibly get a better gift than a subscription to their favorite sports channel, especially if they are confined in the four walls of a hospital or stuck at home.

It will help keep boredom at bay and distract them for the duration of their recovery!

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