Fender Bender

Does a Fender Bender Count as an Accident?

Have you recently driven into another car or had another car hit you? This is called a fender bender, and it can be quite frightening.

Driving is an essential skill in modern life; almost everyone will experience a fender bender at some point. They are comparatively low-speed accidents, so they can seem less serious than other accidents.

However, the impact on the driver’s insurance and the cost of repairing the car can be serious. That’s why many people often ask, “Does a fender bender count as an accident?”

Let’s look at the answer below:

What Is a Fender Bender?

A fender bender is a type of car accident where there is minor damage to the vehicles involved, typically to the front or rear fender. It is often caused by one car lightly colliding with another, usually in slow-moving or congested traffic situations.

Fender benders are usually the result of driver error, such as following too closely, not paying attention, or failing to yield. While these incidents may seem minor, they can still cause inconvenience and stress to those involved.

Legally, Does a Fender Bender Count as an Accident?

Legally speaking, any type of car accident, regardless of the extent of damage, is considered an accident. In most cases, even a small fender bender must be reported to the authorities and insurance companies. According to the law, any type of collision on the road is considered an accident and must have documentation.

Failing to report a fender bender can result in legal consequences and insurance complications. Therefore, treating all car accidents, including fender benders, is important with the seriousness they deserve.

How to Report the Accident

The first step is to gather information from all parties involved. This includes names, contact information, and insurance information. Take photos of the damage and the scene for documentation.

Next, contact your car insurance company and inform them of the fender bender damage. They will guide you through the process and may require a written statement or police report. It is important to be honest and provide accurate details when reporting the incident. These steps will ensure you get the car accident insurance you deserve.

How to Find a Car Accident Attorney

When it comes to finding a car accident lawyer, it can be overwhelming and stressful. However, there are steps you can take to simplify the process.

Firstly, prepare a list of accident lawyer expectations you have to serve as your guide through the process. Then, research potential attorneys and their areas of expertise. Look for reviews and recommendations from previous clients to get an idea of their success rate.

Next, schedule consultations with a few attorneys to discuss your case, especially the details related to your car accident injury, if any, and see if you feel comfortable working with them. During the consultation, ask about their experience in handling such injuries and inquire about their fees.

It’s also important to make sure the attorney has a good track record of handling car accident cases. Lastly, trust your instincts and choose the attorney who makes you feel confident and at ease.

Know How to Handle a Fender Bender Accident

The answer to the question, “Does a fender bender count as an accident?” is yes.

You should never underestimate a fender bender as it can still result in damage and financial repercussions. It is important to report all accidents, no matter how minor, to your insurance company and follow proper procedures.

Remember, safety should always be a top priority on the road. Drive carefully and stay alert.

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