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Fashion Accessories for Dad That He Will Actually Wear

Is your dad finally starting to realize that he needs some fashion tips? Has he finally figured out that fanny packs aren’t cool, socks and sandals are a big no-no, and that his handy dandy belt for hanging his mobile and keys has absolutely got to go?

If your dad is starting to update his wardrobe – or you want to give him some cool stuff that’ll help him look and feel better, we’ve got a list of fashion accessories your dad will actually wear.

A Bracelet 

A bracelet is one of the easiest and most understated ways for men to add a little edge to their outfits. A bracelet is a subtle detail that highlights key elements in the outfit, rather than serving as a focal point or a distraction.

With a bracelet, there’s a wide variety of options you can choose for Dad. Consider a sleek metallic piece to pair with a suit and tie; or a wood, string, or bead bracelet to suit Dad if he has a casual or comfy style. A titanium, weather and scratch-proof option is great for an outdoorsman.

For sentimental dads, how about a special dad bracelet, perhaps customized with his name, the family last name, or even a little note saying “I love you, Dad”. Whatever option you go for, Dad is sure to love it. An additional benefit of a bracelet is that it can be paired with so many different outfit options. You can even get him a couple of bracelets to really elevate his wardrobe. Multiple bracelets can also be worn all at once – but keep in mind, this is not applicable for big metal bands. However, multiple corded and beaded bracelets can work in abundance!


For dads, style is usually as much about function as it is about fashion. And sunglasses are not just the ultimate fashion statement – even though they can make even the most boring suburban dad look and feel like Tom Cruise. They’re actually necessary to help protect the eyes from UV exposure and the sun’s harmful rays. And protecting your dad’s health is something you’re particularly conscious about as he gets older.

But apart from the health benefits, sunglasses are just a highly versatile accessory that elevates dad’s style wherever he goes: on a hike, to the beach, while playing tennis. It’s also a must-have for all of dad’s favorite activities like golf, fishing, or simply cracking open a cold one on the porch. It’s really important to note that sunglasses aren’t just for the summer. In fact,  UV exposure actually doubles when there’s snow. For these reasons, sunglasses make the perfect gift: they’re useful, stylish, and highly versatile.

A Cool Hat 

While we’re talking about UV protection and dad’s favorite activities, there’s one more accessory that dad’s going to need to protect himself from the sun: a hat. Let’s be honest, your dad probably has an entire trunkful of old and worn baseball caps that have probably been around longer than you have.

What dad doesn’t love a good baseball hat – especially turned backward for the ultimate expression of the cool-dad aesthetic. A baseball hat is an ultimate accessory for dad and a great gift you know he’ll use. It’s also super simple to pick out a hat for dad: just get one that’s branded with his favorite team.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to a baseball hat. When considering a hat to buy, think about his favorite activities. If dad loves fishing, consider a bucket hat. If he loves relaxing on the beach, get him a wide-brimmed straw hat. If your dad’s an outdoorsman, consider a “white top” hat that reflects heat.

All Kinds of Ties

Ties are probably the most common gift when it comes to Dad. Most dads wore ties daily to work, so it was a fantastic gift that he would use every day. Nowadays, many workplaces no longer require ties, and many dads work from home. However, even if your dad is retired, a tie is always a fantastic accessory to complement your dad’s formal or semi-formal wear.

And the best thing is, dad can always mix and match a great tie with nearly all his outfits, making a tie the gift that truly gives on giving.

Plus, there are so many options to choose from. Does your dad have a more understated style, and prefer classic neckties that pair with traditional suit colors like black, blue, and brown? Or do you prefer to give Dad some bold and overstated ties or wild patterns to go with his collection of Zany socks? Would your dad love a graphic printed tie showcasing his favorite video game or sports team? No matter what your dad likes or what kind of outfit he wears, there’s a tie out there that’s the perfect gift for him.

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