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Facility Rental: A Side-Way Income Stream For Your Business

Every business owner looks to open new income streams, which requires a smart move. Out of hundreds, only a few know the hack to make a side income from their spare time and space. As we know, only some businesses work around the clock; there are hours of free space. The idea of facility rental looks applicable.

It is a new, trendy side hustle for business owners. Simply put, any vacant salon, office, or gym space can become a profit center. You can generate a good income by renting out the space for meetings, conferences, or workshops. It requires a vacant space with decent furniture to fulfill the needs. Seems lucrative? Indeed it is!

Since we live in a fast-paced technological era, software can simplify rental services besides your main business. It is an all-in-one solution for your main and side income streams.

Are you interested in crafting cutting-edge software for facility rental services? This blog discusses the features that simplify the booking and management process.

How Does Facility Rental Software Simplify Booking And Management?

A vacant space brings a two-way benefit to a third group and a business owner. Similarly, rental software does the same. When the right features are included to accommodate the need, it simplifies the booking and management process on both ends.

Therefore, investing in the right software greatly impacts your side-way income. Here are some features that bring the two-way ease:

1. Seamless Booking And Payment Process

Since you aim to provide ease to your clients, a simpler booking and payment process shows fulfillment and dedication. As we are putting a great emphasis on two-way benefits, it should be visible in every aspect of your software.

Firstly, it reduces the laborious task for your staff to manually book and manage the time slots. Additionally, it saves lots of your team and clients’ time from the hassle of commute and paperwork.

Furthermore, booking and payments should be easy for your staff and clients. Offering credit card payment options smoothens it further. Since people in today’s world are more ease-lovers, their go-to choice is for simplified things. Getting a slot booked for a corporate meeting in a rental space by simply navigating software is highly convenient. Furthermore, contactless payments make a win-win situation for clients and businesses.

2. Automated Rental Process

The most significant aspect of rental software is its feature to automate the processes. From bookings to payment and check-ins, it streamlines the whole mechanism. Without the manual intervention of staff, it manages the booked and free slots to accommodate renters.

Moreover, it ensures on-time payment and tracks attendance to oversee the ongoing operations. If there’s a slight change in the timings, it automates the changes to continue their meetings without hindrance. Ultimately, this feature is a great help for renters and rentees.

3. Custom Space Arrangements

As you’re turning your vacant space into a purposeful place, paying attention to space settings is important.  It requires thoughtful yet smart work to fit the needs of events. For this purpose, creating a specific section to know your clients’ requirements can help you set up more specifically.

Moreover, by knowing the customers’ demands in a close-knit manner, you can better divide your space into more than one unit. You can manage the area for multiple meetings and workshops from two to several units. In this way, you can design your space in a one-size-fits-all manner. It not only makes the area lucrative but also attracts a wide range of people to book your rental space. Ultimately, the software enables you to align your space according to the client’s purpose for the event.

4. Mobile-Friendly And Cloud-Based

A software can make or break your rental services. What makes software most favorable among others is its mobile-friendliness.

If your software is easy to navigate and operate on mobile, clients will access it more easily. Additionally, a cloud-based system enables the clients to reach and log in without switching to different accounts. Since the software is an all-in-one solution to your business needs, a cloud-based system streamlines it further.

The more convenience you provide to renters, the more people will reach out. Moreover, providing better options for rental space in a simpler and more comprehendible way will augment the interest of renters.

5. Integrated Calendar

Since rental software’s major concern is scheduling slots, calendar integration is essential. It becomes easier to schedule the bookings in one place and side-by-side in one calendar. Moreover, you don’t need to switch to multiple tools to regulate the functions. It leverages scheduling and planning by integrating the calendar feature in one place.

7 Benefits Of Facility Rental Software:

  • Ensures productivity
  • Manages empty slots
  • Quick scheduling
  • Reduces double booking glitches
  • Time and cost-efficient
  • Better communication
  • Real-time data assistance and transparency

A scenario-based approach:

You can understand the functionality of the rental services as a side hustle through this scenario.

Imagine Diana runs a salon from 11 AM-7 PM. Though she already uses online salon management software, she never thought about utilizing the vacant space (her salon is operating well).

Since the idea of facility rental hit her mind, she has asked her trusted tech partner to integrate the features of rental software in the same place. This is the point where she made a wise decision!

It is a smart move to boost her income stream through rental services efficiently. Moreover, it’ll manage the rental operations and make the studio space more productive in terms of time and money.

Wrapping It Up

For goal-oriented people, there are many ways to increase productivity in terms of time and money- we call it a side hustle. Even renting out your empty hall or area for formal meetings or workshops is lucrative besides your main source.

In the present times, almost every business already operates on software. Integrating the rental software features in your major business software will amplify your income streams. Conclusively, it will turn your once-abandoned hall into a profitable center. All you just need to do is to make a lucrative choice!

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