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Efficient Instagram Promotion: Tools That Still Work In 2022

Some people have a misunderstanding that in 2022 it is no longer possible to develop an Instagram profile without paid services. It actually is possible, the thing is just that mutual following and liking are not working anymore – people mistakenly think that those were the only things that they could use for their page’s development. It’s not true, and in this article, we will review several free methods that work nicely today, and will also say several words about paid promotion too.

If you are starting off fresh, firstly you need to take care of your profile’s organization. Make sure that you have a short and memorable username, that you have a bright and clear main picture and that your bio includes all the needed information about who you are and what you are doing.

Set a correct description of the profile, lifehack: use your location if you’re a brand or someone who sells their services – this way people in your city or region who are looking for the things that you offer will find your way easier and quicker.

After that, upload from 9 to 15 publications, so that your page would look filled and decent. Without that people will have an impression of a very new and empty page that won’t be able to offer them something truly interesting. So close that gap before you move forward to the next step: using free promotional methods.

• The first one of them is going to be using hashtags and locations. Correctly gathered hashtags can bring tons of new subscribers to your profile – you won’t need to follow anybody hoping for the follow in return, tags are going to do that for you.

People use them to search for information, products, and services on Instagram, and if your content is going to be linked to the topic by dint of hashtags, it is going to be visible to all of these people. Start collecting tags from the widest term to the narrowest one, this way you will be able to be sure that you haven’t left any helpful words aside.

• Next on the list is cross-posting. This one is suitable for those people who have somewhat developed audiences on other social media – e.g. on Facebook or YouTube. You can create a post there, telling your folks that you now have a specialized Instagram, where you do this and that.

Explain why this might be interesting to your audience and give them something beneficial – for example, if you’re starting a brand, give them a special promo code that would provide them with a 5-10% discount. It won’t make you any poorer, and will raise your audience loyalty all at once.

• Post regularly: 1-3 posts per week, and 2-20 stories a day. Yes, the range is pretty wide, because it totally depends on the current size and the needs of the profile. This rule works more on the stability of the audience and its regular increase, but at the same time, if all of those publications are going to be added by correct hashtags, you will be able to attract many new subscribers as well.

These are three of many free ways of promotion, and these will easily help you with gaining your first dozens or hundreds of subscribers. But what to do, if you need more? Many of us have quite ambitious plans in terms of Instagram, and it would be sad to feel disappointed and left out. What can you do to continue growing? Use paid options.

• A chance to buy Instagram likes and followers is there and it has to be taken in consideration if you want quick and tangible results. Many people say that this one can be dangerous for the account; it can, but only in the case when a person purchases fake thumbs up that come from bots. It can negatively affect the statistics and make Instagram algorithms perceive the page as fake as well, according to the interactions that it has with other pages.

So, if you want to quickly and safely increase the number of your thumbs up, you should look for a chance to purchase real thumbs up – it is possible, you only have to spend some more time looking for a company that provides them (or use the links that we have given you in this paragraph).

• Do mutual PR or one-way PR from a blogger that is bigger than you. Many of them are highly interested in such cooperation and even have all the information and terms of possible promotion on their pages. So if you are in need of likes from people who are potentially interested in your content, pick a good and authoritative blogger in your niche and write them an offer to PR each other.

All of these methods will help you to promote your profile on Instagram quickly, efficiently and safely. Organize the development in the most natural-looking way possible and always stay in touch with your audience – this is an actual key to success.

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