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Different Styles of Ear Piercings and Their Benefits

Ear piercings are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK, but what is the reason behind our obsession with ear piercings? It could be due to their uniqueness and their ability for self-expression or maybe it’s the finishing edge they give to any ensemble.

The lobe is the most common and versatile piercing, where you can pick from diamond earrings, edgy hoops, or simple studs to decorate your ear.

You might be surprised to hear that piercings have benefits that go beyond the cosmetic. So if you’re thinking of getting your first ear accessory, it’s worth learning about the different types to find the piercing that best suits you.


The conch is in the middle portion of your ear cartilage and gets its name due to the ear’s resemblance to the conch shell. You can choose to pierce both the inner and outer conch and is a versatile option for ear accessories.

Many people get this piercing to alleviate chronic pain, migraines, and headaches. It is also rumoured to improve muscle relaxation and reduce anxiety.


Daith piercings are located in the inner curved fold of cartilage that sits just above the ear canal. This inner ear piercing originates from Jewish culture and its name translates into “knowledge” or “knowing” in English. There is evidence that suggests daiths are good for migraine relief, with a survey showing that out of 380 participants, 47.2% experienced fewer migraine attacks.

The theory argues that the daith acts as an acupuncture point on your vagus nerve, which runs from your brain into the rest of your body. The constant pressure stimulates the nerve, helping it to interrupt pain signals and relieve migraine pain.


Any piercing on the outer rim of your ear is known as a helix piercing and it’s a great entryway into ear piercing. Recognised as one of the least painful ear piercings, this is another accessory with acupuncture benefits and is thought to alleviate acute head pain.

Since it is located on the frontmost ear closest to the face, it has also been claimed that the helix can aid in relieving muscle tension and improving blood circulation. This stimulated blood flow could then be implicated in reducing the visibility of wrinkles.


A rook piercing goes straight through the inner ridge at the uppermost part of the ear, typically located above the daith. Again, this piercing is thought to bring migraine and stress relief but is also rumoured to improve digestion and menstrual pain. The upper part of the rook connects with the intestines and bladder, aiding the digestive system and relieving constipation.

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