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An Introduction to Different Kinds of Piercings

There are many kinds of piercings perform all over the world by numerous artists. But of all these piercings, there are three main categories of Piercing and they include; body, face and ear lobe piercing. Are you looking forward to getting pierced? Then here is a guide to different piercings and their names.

Different Kinds of Piercings

  • Ear Piercing

During ear lobe piercing, a sterilized single-use gun is usually used to insert the earring into the auricle, which is then allowed to heal.

  • Body Piercing

For body piercing, a hollow needle is used to pierce a hole in the skin and a piece of jewelry is then inserted into the hole and then allowed to heal.

  • Face Piercing

This kind of piercing is done to the face just like the body piercing, in which jewelry is attached to. It’s very important to choose the right face piercing, since piercing is a permanent art and the face is the most noticed exposed place in the body.

  • Lips Piercing

This kind of piercing is done to the upper or lower lip. Also lip piercings are seen to be a popular choice with multitude of style and options available based on the ways you can accessorize them. No one location is better than another, although there are some that may best suit a person’s physique than others.

  • Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is one of a very delicate piercing types, because it is done in a delicate area and needs special care. In order to properly care for your new nipple piercing, you should know what the common sizes are and how to shop for new nipple jewelries.

This involves piercing one or both nipples with a bar or ring. Also, nipple piercing requires a gentle touch to prevent damages that may occur if roughly handled.

  • Tongue Piercing

Most tongue piercings have to do with a single bar through the tongue’s center done towards the tongue’s tip. Some variations of these include poison, snake eyes, and double tongue.

  • Belly Piercing

Belly or navel piercing has become popular again in recent years. It involves passing a rod or ring through the upper or lower area of the skin around the navel.

  • Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is a type of piercing done to the nostrils and septum. Some of these piercings include bone, clicker rings and wind-up.

A traditional nose piercing has a stud on the side of the nose, either in the left or right nostril. It is usually located in the natural depression where the nostril meets the tip of the nose.

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