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The Dawn Of X Reading Order: An Ultimate Guide to the Collection

To say the return of writer Jonathan Hickman to Marvel Comics has been exciting would be an understatement. For long-time fans of the X-Men universe, Dawn of X has been a much-anticipated new era of storylines that follow our team of superheroes and other mutants.

Although you can read the series according to their publication dates, many stories in the Dawn of X intertwine and occur simultaneously. This guide will provide you with the most updated Dawn of X reading order to help you dive into the incredible world of mutants!

Dawn Of X Reading Order

Reading Order: Powerhouse


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1. House of X #1

Charles Xavier has a plan to bring mutants out of the shadows. And he has an intriguing offer for humans.

2. Powers of X #1

Powers of X #1 will change how you see mutants by exploring their secret past, present, and future.

3. House of X #2

Learn the truth about the mutants’ closest allies, as they prepare for a fight for their future.

4. Powers of X #2-3

These two issues continue to investigate the X-men’s past, present, and future. As Xavier explores the past, trouble is brewing for the X-men in the future.

5. House of X #3-4

House of X #3 continues to explore the secret behind the mutants’ closest allies while House of X #4 sees a battle between the mutants and humans who plan to eliminate them.

6. Powers of X #4

Power of X 4 shows a lot of what may happen in the future while giving all the new fans a glimpse into X-men’s past.

7. House of X #5

House of X series 5 will see Professor X, in all his glory, regrowing a body, and in the process, all the mutants killed by humans in the House of X #4 will be resurrected.

8. Powers of X #5

Find out more about Professor X’s plan for Krakoa. Forge and Emma Frost are also regular in this series, plus we learn more about Phalanx’s true goal.

9. House of X #6

The conclusion to the House of X series will bring you the story of mutant’s rise. In this world, mutants are respected and coexist peacefully with humanity. It’s a hope for a home.

10. Powers of X #6

Power of X 6 brings back Moira MacTaggert. Noticeably absent from much of the series, series 6 will also give light to the mysterious life of one of the X-men.

Reading Order: Brave New World

Brave New World

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11. X-Men (2019) #1

This first line-up to Brave New World is optimistic as it introduces different aspects of mutant life in the new world of Krakoa, with mutants working together to establish a united front.

12. Marauders #1

Amidst living in their perfect world, mutants are still faced with difficulties and oppression by humans. They must now reach out across the world to protect their fellow mutants.

13. Excalibur (2019) #1-6

In these volumes, the mutants face a war, Captain Britain is introduced, as are the lighthouse and Otherworld. Unlock the secret to Rogue’s coffin where she dreams, and watch as mutants reign over the Otherworld.

14. New Mutants (2019) #1

New Mutants will introduce you to Sunspot, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Karma, Cypher, Magic, Chamber, and Mondo as they prepare for a new mission.

15. X-Force (2019) #1

Learn about the Central Intelligence Agency’s counterpart in the mutant world, the X-Force, where an intelligence force is handled by Beast, Jean Grey, and Sage. At the same time, a special ops team is being led by Wolverine, Kid Omega, and Domino.

16. Marauders #2

While the Marauders sail on, trouble is brewing back home.

17. X-men #2-3

The X-men saves Earth from complete destruction. While demolition is happening on Earth, more dangerous threats lurk in the darkness.

18. Fallen Angels (2019) #1-4

Psylocke seeks to find her place among the mutants while still haunted by her past. She seeks vengeance, which could jeopardize all mutants.

19. X-Force #2-3

These two books follow the adventure of X-Force in their mission to save mutants from the humans who have abducted one of them.

20. New Mutants #2-4 and 6

A mission to space, a youth’s dream to build the Krakoa of their dream, and trouble as they travel home are only some of the adventures in these volumes.

21. Fallen Angels #5-6

Husk and Bling join the gang to fight Apoth and his children.

22. Marauders #3-4

The fight continues with a recruit in Black Bishop while the Marauders are still fighting in the high seas.

23. X-Men #4

This Halloween special follows the X-Men’s fight with the Headless Horseman from Westchester.

24. Excalibur #7-8

The team fights off the Warwolves and journeys to Starlight Citadel to hunt for the truth.

25. New Mutants #5 and 7-11

The New Mutants continue their journey home while facing numerous obstacles along the way.

26. X-Force #4-10

The X-Force continues their quest to protect mutants while one of them grapples with a secret that threatens to wreak havoc.

27. X-Men #5-6

The X-Men fight a new enemy while welcoming a new member to their team, but Cyclops is not happy with this decision.

Reading Order: Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

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28. Wolverine (2020) #1-5

Follow the adventures of Wolverine as he faces many enemies, including one from the past in the form of Dracula.

29. New Mutants #12

The New Mutants continue to fight off the threat from the humans in Krakoa.

30. X-Men #7-9

Captain Krakoa is the new leader of the X-Men, and the new mutants are back in Krakoa, bringing trouble with them.

31. Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler #1

The X-Men cannot contact the Graymalkin Habitat. Now, it is up to Nightcrawler to lead a mission unknown even to him.

32. Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1

Two of the greatest telepaths, Jean Grey and Emma Frost, team up to save Krakoa and Storm.

33. Giant-Size X-Men: Fantomex #1

Take a closer look into Fantomex and his artificial creation.

34. Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1

Storm is in danger. It is up to Emma and Jean to save her from none other than herself.

35. Deadpool (2019) #1-9

Follow the outrageous adventures of Deadpool, the greatest mercenary there ever was, from the Kaiju Haiku to Elsa Bloodstone selling him out.

36. Marvel Monsters #1

Kid Kaiju and his adventures with incredible Marvel Monsters.

37. M.O.D.O.K: Head Games #1-4

Follow M.O.D.O.K and his quest to uncover the truth about himself.

38. Hellions #1-4

Follow the story of the Hellions, the mutants’ once vanished foes, as they navigate enemies and life in Krakoa under Mister Sinister’s command.

39. Marauders #5-10

The Marauders continue to fight off enemies of Krakoa.

40. Cable #1-4

Cable is back to stop the destruction, date his five girlfriends, meet Deadpool, and fight off ancient knights.

41. X-Factor #1-3

Any fallen mutant can be resurrected. X-Factor, a team that examines how and why a mutant dies, must now investigate the death of a mutant dancer in Mojoverse.

42. Marauders #11-12

Kate Pryde is dead, and another Marauder adventure unfolds.

43. Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto #1

Follow the hero and the enemy, Magneto, and his plans to deal with the human world.

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