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10 Cute Nails For Teens That Are Currently Trending

You don’t need to break the bank to get your nails done in the trendiest and most creative ways! Especially for teens, when what’s in trend can change within days, you can easily do your own manicure at home while keeping up with the trend!

If you’re a teen looking for the next big thing in nail art, you are in luck! From ditsy florals and daisies to rainbow French tips, here are some of the best ideas for cute nails for teens that are sure to make you a trendsetter!

10 Cute Nails For Teens

#1. Bright Block Colors


Image source: Pinterest

Go technicolor with color-blocked nails for an effortlessly on-trend look. The great thing about color blocking is that what you would typically consider contrasting colors look great if done well.

Combine red and hot pink for a fresh and vibrant look, or if you are more into muted colors, use pastel colors like pairing lilac with a light yellow or navy with rose pink!

#2. Different Colored Tips

Colored Tips

Image source: Pinterest

This is a simple French manicure with a fantastic twist! Instead of using just a white color or any nude color for the tips, why not use different colors on different nails?

It will be the perfect look for both short and inch-long acrylic nails! Go for pastel tips for an easy, pretty spring nail look, or try out some abstract squiggles on the tip for a more avant-garde look. Or you can even go for a more leveled-up look with velvet tips in jewel colors.

#3. Floral


Image source: Pinterest

To create the perfect spring or summer nails, any floral nail art will look good. Whether you are gunning for something simple to do for your nails with yellow and white daisies at home or want an elaborate bouquet or cluster of flowers done on every fingernail, this design won’t be going out of vogue any time soon.

You can also create seasonal designs. For fall, you can go for a pumpkin-spice floral palette with orange flowers or pull off a winter look by creating blue and white flowers!

#4. Rainbow Colors


Image source: Pinterest

From rainbow French manicures to simply different colored nails in every color of the rainbow, rainbow-colored nails are popping this season! And every iteration of this trend is more fabulous than the next.

If you are a fan of rainbows but like muted colors more, you can still create this nail design by using earthy and muted tones of rainbow colors like sage green and mustard!

#5. Pastel Swirls


Image source: Pinterest

Pastels are perfect for any season and any occasion, especially if you’re a fan of muted colors. And what can be more fun than mixing all your favorite pastel shades to create a swirl pastel art on your nails!

You can add a splash of colorful swirls on alternate nails or draw colorful swirls against a nude polish for a splash of color.

#6. Smiley Face Nails

Smiley Face

Image source: Pinterest

A cute little smiley face on your nails is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

You can create smiley faces in a wide range of different ways — go for funky tie-dye nails with a smiley face, a simple two-tone smiley manicure, or the classic yellow smiley face!

#7. Colorful Flames


Image source: Pinterest

A fun way to give your nails an edgy look, colored flames look bold, fierce, and super fun.

You can try out a hot and edgy look with orange flames on shiny black nail paint, or go chic and understated with a lilac backdrop against white flames. A simple flame outline with white polish will also look very pretty.

#8. Pink Glitter

Pink Glitter

Image source: Pinterest

Pink really is becoming the color of the season. And for everyone who loved pink growing up then, this is the trend to capitalize on! With pink glitter, the possibilities are endless!

Use mauve glitters or the more understated pastel-colored glitters to paint your entire nails. Better yet, just have one pink glitter accent nail while painting all your other nails nude.

#9. Animal Print Nails

Animal Print

Image source: Pinterest

Animal patterns will never go out of trend, and they are also surprisingly easy to create on small canvases like nails — they are usually a go-to option for many girls and guys getting manicures.

You can have leopard prints or tiger or zebra stripes on your nails, or have a funky snake scale print or even a cow print nail art would look incredibly cute.

#10. Different Designs On Each Nail


Image source: Pinterest

If you can’t decide what design to go for, why not feature all your favorite things on each nail to truly let your personality shine! You can go for stars on one nail, soccer balls on the other, and your favorite animal on the other, or you can even spell out your name with all the letters on different fingernails.

It’s a great opportunity to really unleash your creative side since you’ll be creating different designs on different nails.

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