Current Travel Updates For Tanzania Safaris

What Are The Current Travel Updates For Tanzania Safaris?

If you’re planning a Tanzania Safari in the upcoming months, you should be aware of the current travel updates. After 2020, Tanzania’s Tourism has seen a huge surge in the number of international visitors.

Below is a guide to all the latest travel updates regarding Tanzania Safari Tour.

Table of Contents

1. Latest Updates for Travel in Tanzania
1.1 Covid-19 Safety Protocols in Tanzania
1.2 Flight Updates
1.3 Entry Requirements in Tanzania
1.4 Security and Safety Updates
1.5 African Scenic Safaris way to ensure travel safety?
2. The latest status of Vaccinations in Tanzania
3. Level 1 Travel Advisory Precautions
4. Some Suggestions from our Travel Experts
5. Is it safe to visit Tanzania?
6. Conclusion- With all the latest updates – Start Preparing

1. Latest Updates for Travel in Tanzania

Tanzania opened its borders for tourism in 2020. And many tourists have been visiting this wonderful destination for a safari post-pandemic. The number of international visitors in 2020 was 616,491. But, in 2021 it surged to 922,692. And, 2022 and 2023 predictions are high as well.

Yet, you should always know and follow the latest travel updates. Don’t worry as the following will give you all the required information you need:

Here you need to add some recent data like the number of people visiting.

1.1 Covid-19 Safety Protocols in Tanzania

The United Republic of Tanzania (URT) has put into effect the following Covid-19 safety protocols (effected from 22nd Sep 2022):

• Individuals that are fully vaccinated (with all the doses approved by the World Health Organization) are exempt from PCR and Antigen Tests.

• Visitors that are not fully vaccinated will have to show a negative Covid-19 PCR certificate. Or NAATs certificate (with a QR code) received 72 hours before departure.

• Those who don’t have a negative Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be tested upon arrival. The cost of the test is $10 (23,000 TSH).

• All visitors must complete an online Health Form ( 24 hours before arrival. They will receive a Unique Health Code after completion. And, present it to the health officials on arrival.

• Children below the age of 5 are exempt from PCR and Antigen Tests.

• In public places, visitors should wear face masks.

The protocols for departure will be in line with the destination country or the airline. The current travel advisory level is ‘Level 1’ (i.e. Exercise Basic Precautions).

Our Recommendation – Visitors that don’t have a QR code on their certificates should upload their vaccination details to Global Haven. If there’s any medical emergency, call the
Health Emergency Number: 199 for Tanzania Mainland.

1.2 Flight Updates

For US travellers, some of the top airlines that fly into Tanzania include Swiss Airlines, Turkish Airlines, KLM Airlines, Kenya Airways, Etihad Airways, etc. One-way and last-minute flights are also available. As well as return flights.

Business Class Flights are great for people on a higher budget. Prices start from $6000 and return trips are included.

Our Recommendation – For great deals, consider booking flights in November, KLM, and Qatar Airways provide great discounts.

For travelers from Europe, there are two direct flight options:

• From Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam.
• From Istanbul Ataturk International Airport to Dar es Salaam

Our Recommendation – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the best airline option for European travellers.

1.3 Entry Requirements in Tanzania

Below are the latest entry requirements for travellers on Safaris in Tanzania:

• To enter Tanzania, you must have an international passport that’s valid for at least six months.
• Most nationalities require a visa to enter Tanzania for either business or tourism.
• Before leaving, you should obtain a visa from the Tanzanian Embassy or the nearest consulate.

A yellow fever certificate is also required. Immigration officers may request to see Yellow Fever vaccination records or exemption records upon arrival.

Our Recommendation – Tanzania entry requirements vary from nation to nation and are subject to change. Always confirm the documentation required for travel to Tanzania with your government and the Tanzanian embassy.

1.4 Security and Safety Updates

Tanzania has a comparatively low crime rate. However, you should still exercise all reasonable precautions.

Our Recommendations – Don’t go out and drive at night. Don’t leave your belongings unattended either. Keep a safe distance from the wildlife while on game drives in Tanzania’s national parks, and obey the regulations of tour guides and park officers.

1.5 African Scenic Safaris Way To Ensure Travel Safety?

All the guides have been fully vaccinated. And they carry hand sanitizers as well. The team is taking all the necessary measures and covid-19 preventative norms to ensure the safety of visitors.

2. The latest status of Vaccinations in Tanzania

8.8 million Doses of covid-19 vaccines have been given to the people of Tanzanian (as of June 2022). People that work in the Tanzania Tourism sector have also been given priority. A rough estimation is that almost 95% of the staff that works in the Northern Safari Circuit have been fully vaccinated.

Many accommodations have also stated that all of their staff are completely vaccinated. Including safari guides, rangers, trackers, and drivers.

There are some other general vaccinations that visitors should take before a Tanzania Safari Tour. They are listed below:

• In Tanzania, there’s a risk of malaria. So, take all the general safety precautions like taking anti-malaria pills/tablets and having a mosquito repellant (preferably with DEET).

• Keep in mind that you need proof of yellow fever immunization if you’re travelling from a country that has a risk of yellow fever. So, have a certificate of vaccination with you.

You should also take all the routine vaccines. They are influenza, measles, tetanus, polio, and hepatitis (A and B).

3. Level 1 Travel Advisory Precautions

The following are some general safety precautions that travellers should keep in mind:

• Avoid swimming in contaminated freshwater streams, lakes, ponds, or rivers
• Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes while on game drives in national parks as they can attract tsetse flies.
• Eat food that has been cooked well and served hot. Only eat vegetables and fruits that you’ve thoroughly washed and properly peeled.

Understand what steps you should take to maintain your safety and health while travelling. Some diseases can’t be cured by vaccinations, thus your actions are critical.

4. Some Suggestions From our Travel Experts

• Follow all the regulations set by the national parks and game reserves authorities.
• Avoid wearing fancy jewellery out in public areas.
• The use of plastic bags is prohibited in Tanzania. So don’t bring any plastic bags on your trip.
• Avoid taking pictures of military bases. And, ask permission to photograph the locals.
• Book a Tanzania Safari in the low or shoulder season. This is also regarded as the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. There is a smaller number of visitors in these seasons. And, you’ll enjoy discounted costs for accommodations and Tanzania Safari Packages.

Excellent Planning Beforehand; Top-Notch Guiding On Safari

Review From Blair D, October 12, 2016

We had a very good experience with African Scenic Safaris on a 6-day safari in Tarangire, Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro. David was a very good guide. We liked how he often made us feel like we were the only ones out there looking for animals, even though there were of course many other vehicles out there. He rarely followed the crowd, which to us seemed like a good approach. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the animals and the landscape and he welcomed our many, many questions.

Before the trip, Amanda was so helpful and responsive. She gave us options and adapted our itinerary according to our priorities in balancing luxury with cost-savings. When we had to cut out a 3-day mountain climb from our itinerary due to an injury two weeks prior to the trip, she was very gracious about it.

Date Of Experience: July 2016

With the latest Travel Updates – Start Preparing!

Travelling to Tanzania will be one of your best decisions in life. And with all the above latest updates, your Tanzania Safari experience will be hassle-free and exceptional.

You can also reach out to our Tanzania Safari experts to get all this information in more detail.

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