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5 Cheap Places To Travel In The US

Traveling abroad may not be on the table for you right now, leaving you with no choice but to travel here in the US. One good thing about traveling within the country is that there several cheap places to travel in the US that are incredibly exciting.

Most of the activities that you might want to consider will involve a bit of walking and generally just enjoying the sights. With a bit of preparation and planning, your planned travel across the states will surely be hassle-free.

Here are a few suggestions:

Do a Bit of Research – There are a few important things you need to know before you pack your bags and hit the road. First, you have to know the travel restrictions that individual states currently have in place regarding domestic travel.

Some states require visitors to put on a face mask while outside, while others require medical certificates or clearances. Others require visitors to first undergo a few days of quarantine. A few states do not have any restrictions.

Once you draw up the list of states you want to visit, it is now time to take a look at what you need. You have to decide if you’re traveling alone or with friends. You have to decide if you’re going to be flying or taking a road trip. You can even take the bus, just make sure you’re aware of the bus company’s guidelines.

Preparing a Budget – Since budget is your primary consideration, start looking for discount offers on airfares, inexpensive places to stay, free attractions you can visit, etc. You’re basically looking for ways to enjoy the travel and take in the sights without burning a hole in your pocket.

It might be too tedious to draw up a very detailed budget, but I suggest you set some ceiling, for example, your budget for a dinner at a local restaurant, your budget ceiling for a two-day stay at an Airbnb, your budget for buying souvenirs, etc.

It will depend on you, but setting a ceiling of $100 per day seems to be a good place to start if you’re actually looking at sticking to a budget. Also, this budget is your daily spending budget and will not be used for your airfare or gas. You need to have a separate budget for transportation.

Now that you have your plan sorted, here are some of the most exciting cheap places to travel in the US.

1. Washington DC

This is a no-brainer and is always on the top of people’s list. Not just because visiting the place is relatively cheap, but also because of the things you can do and see in Washington. You can explore the museums or visit the National Zoo, Ford’s Theatre, or the National Mall.

Of course, you would not want to miss a visit to the Library of Congress, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the White House. The key here is finding a central place to stay that is close to most of these places. This will help you save quite a bit on cab fares or bus fares.

2. A Trip to Hollywood

Next up is California. Surprisingly, you really can do with a budget below $100 per day in this state. The list of places to visit is practically endless. Once you’ve determined the places you want to see, you might want to go bargain hunting for your accommodations.

Fortunately, some nice hotels will set you back by only $45 a night. There are a lot of cheap eats if you’re willing to do a bit of exploring. However, do check the state’s travel restrictions. As of the moment, travelers are required to undergo quarantine for 14 days. You might therefore want to save your trip to the sunny state for another time.

3. Jazz it up in New Orleans

This state is a “must-not-miss” destination for music lovers. However, it is not just the music that draws visitors to New Orleans. Dining in the numerous restaurants is an adventure in itself. For your accommodations, you can score a nice place to stay for about $20 a night.

You can bump it up to about $45 for a more expensive choice of lodgings. Unfortunately, the state does not allow dine-in customers and you can only order your food for take-out. You might have to shelve any plans of visiting the local pubs and listening to their in-house music as these establishments are still not open to the public.

4. Chill at OKC

Should you decide to have a bit of an adventure down south, Oklahoma City is a great choice. The city is nicknamed “The Big Friendly,” and some of the reasons to visit OKC are the numerous landmarks including Route 66, the Oklahoma State Capitol, the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, and the American Banjo Museum. One good thing is that all of these landmarks are free for you to visit.

5. Destination Seattle

One of the more underrated travel destinations is Seattle, in Washington State. Yes, it might not be as cheap as the other destinations on this list, but with a little scrimping, you can still enjoy your stay here. What you can do is look for an inexpensive place to stay, preferably near downtown.

What is great about Seattle is that some of its most famous landmarks are minutes away from downtown Seattle. The city has a good mix of modern and suburban living. Take a stroll in the park, have lunch atop the Space Needle, then head out to Pike Place Market and watch fishmongers do their thing.

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that fish throwing actually started as a prank on an employee, eventually turning into a beloved tradition. You can also rent a small boathouse for less than $100 to complete your adventure.

6. Brentwood Bliss

If you’re yearning for a slice of Southern charm without draining your wallet, consider a trip to Brentwood, Tennessee. Known for its rolling hills and historic homes, Brentwood offers a range of budget-friendly activities.

You can explore local parks or delve into the area’s rich history, all while enjoying affordable yet comfortable accommodations provided by Brentwood hotels. These lodgings give you easy access to both Nashville and the beautiful countryside. Whether you’re keen on exploring local boutiques or taking scenic drives, Brentwood serves as an economical and delightful hub for your Southern adventure.

A Few More Destinations

I intentionally did not mention other must-see states such as Las Vegas, New York, and San Francisco, among others. These states are a bit expensive, but it does not mean you can’t manage them even on a budget combined with proper planning and preparation. It’s just that these states might have attractions that are simply too good to resist and will end up setting you back a bit.

What I’ve listed here are just some of the cheap places to travel in the US. The list can be quite long.

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