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Top 7 Best Mail Order Cookies Online: Gourmet Bites That Delight

The best thing about the internet is that you can suddenly get anything you want, from anywhere you like. Staying at home for long hours at a time made us try to learn new skills like playing the guitar or baking. A wise somebody once said, “the perfect dessert doesn’t exist.” The same holds good for cookies as well. But in our aim to find it, we have put together a list of the best mail order cookies in the US.

#1. The Finer Cookie

If you are in the mood for gourmet cookies in pretty packaging, The Finer Cookie is the way to go. They have a variety of flavors and options to choose from. Whether you are picking out for yourself or a friend, you can build a box to suit your tastes and desires.

They even send loyal clients special surprises! They ship across the US and also do corporate orders. Their bacon fat gingersnaps and chocolate brownie cookies are so big and wonderful, they feel like a meal itself. For an absolute beginner at the art of baking, their website also has several exciting recipes to try out yourself.

Location: Quebec, Canada

Special: Cornmeal Apricot Fingers

#2. Mrs. Fields

I am willing to bet on this – Mrs. Fields makes one of the best, gooiest chocolate chip cookies. They are perfect for all occasions.

You can choose from their wide assortment of flavors that change with the seasons or stick to their perennial perfect jars and gift boxes. The cookies come individually packed, so you can share them around or send them to your loved ones.

Check out their milk chocolate cookies that melt in your mouth like fresh snow, and taste twice as impressive.

Location: Multiple stores all over the USA

Special: Peanut butter brownie cookies

#3. Seaside Sweets

You must check out Seaside Sweets if you are looking for the way to a child’s heart or a sugar lovers’ heart. They come in all shapes and sizes and crazy colors.

Let’s not forget the crazy flavor combinations that tickle one’s taste buds in joy. If you’ve got time, stop by their truck shop in Chicago and pick from the droll Secret Menu that changes frequently! You never know what you might find.

Location: North County, San Diego

Special: Triple chocolate brownie stuffed in their legendary choco-chip cookie dough

#4. Milk Jar Cookies

You cannot go wrong with their ultra – chewy, larger than life creations. They are the talk of the cookie monster world on the internet for their warm and almost cake-like taste of goodness.

You can choose from over 75 different flavors. If you join their cookie-of-the-month club, you get exclusive offers and a taste of what was on Oprah’s favorite cookie of 2020 list.

If you want to get your friend a last-minute gift, Milk Jar Cookies has generous gift cards waiting on their website.

Location: California, United States

Special: Rocky Road

#5. Eleni’s

If you aren’t a fan of thick, chewy cookies, your tastes may be in line with Eleni’s. Their menu features thin and crispy cookies, making you feel like a child eating candy!

Their boxes are pretty shades of pink and nut-free for celiacs and allergic people. They are a New York Classic that one must try, especially when they ship out of state for free!

Location: New York, USA

Special: Everyday Chocolate Chip

#6. Ruby Snap Cookies

Picture the old pin-up ads of girls who could rock your world lounging around in a modern-day cafe on a date with you. Now picture eating a cookie with the same name as the dazzling starlet watches you. You are probably holding a Ruby Snap cookie!

Snickerdudette and Suzie are all-time favorites. They ship nationwide in old-timey window boxes that look like they traveled time in absolute perfection to meet you at your doorstep.

Location: Utah, USA

Special: Maris

#7. Cake Sweet Food

While the store specializes in wedding cakes, Cake Sweet Food cookies are just as memorable. Delicious combinations with rich, natural ingredients are the trademarks.

The best part? When you open the box, you smell the lovely flavor of butter all around you as you dig in.

Location: Chicago, USA

Special: Chai Thumbprint Cookies with Honey Cream

A Few Parting Words

There you have it, my personal favorite mail order cookies that are a must-try! All of these places have crazy selections and gift boxes to share, and loads of recipes to try out. They all carry nut-free and gluten-free selections. The perfect cookie might not exist, but these come very close and we’re glad to share them with you!

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