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10 Best Alcohol For Coffee To Add A Kick That You Will Enjoy

Coffee and alcohol are both delicious on their own, but when combined, they are one of the world’s best-paired beverages! A coffee cocktail will give you that one-of-a-kind caffeine and alcohol kick that’s unmatched. Adding a dash of spirits to a fresh-brewed coffee can create incredibly flavorful and satisfying hot coffee cocktails.

If you haven’t tried this winning combination yet, now’s the time! Time to get that coffee pot brewing and get experimenting with this list of some of the best alcohol for coffee!

10 Best Alcohol for Coffee

#1. Bailey’s Irish Cream


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Bailey’s Irish Cream is hands down one of the best alcohols to spike your coffee with. Thanks to Bailey’s whiskey flavor and the creamy mouthfeel, you can easily turn your coffee into a creamy coffee cocktail — especially if you pile some whipped cream on top of your beverage.

This alcohol tastes so well with coffee that it almost feels like Bailey’s was invented for coffee! One sip of this smooth, creamy beverage, and you’ll never again want to have coffee without Bailey’s.

#2. Kahlúa


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One of the most popular coffee liqueurs, Kahlúa not only doubles your caffeine dosage but also hits you with the rich rum flavors. A shot of Kahlúa, which is a specific coffee liqueur brand, also has hints of chestnut flavors to elevate the overall taste of the beverage.

This spiked liquor coffee can be had any time of the day. You can add Kahlúa to your morning coffee and even enjoy it as a dessert, complete with whipped cream.

#3. Whiskey


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With its signature dark and robust flavors, whiskey is perhaps one of the best alcohols you can pair with coffee. Whether you like your coffee black or with a splash of milk, the flavors of whiskey can complement coffee seamlessly.

It’s also a very easy cocktail to make: just brew your coffee the way you like it, then add your preferred whiskey, and that’s it! Almost any whiskey will do as whiskey inherently has a sweetness and intense flavor that can elevate your coffee.

#4. Vodka


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If you like something stronger in your coffee, vodka is the spirit you want. It’s a winning combination that can transform a regular cup of coffee into a more sophisticated coffee cocktail with a wonderful flavor profile.

With a 35–60% alcohol content, vodka is a colorless and almost tasteless distilled liquor. There is also no fixed way to add vodka to your coffee; the amount of vodka you add will depend on your taste and how strong you want your coffee cocktail to be!

#5. Amaretto


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The sweet almond flavor with hints of bitterness that Amaretto has complements a hot cup of coffee perfectly! Unlike whiskey, Amaretto doesn’t overpower your coffee, and it also doesn’t add too much alcoholic heat to your beverage. Instead, it produces a creamy body that is comforting and has a welcoming cozy warmth to it.

Once you add this sweet and dry liquor to your coffee, garnish with some whipped cream, and add some nutmeg and cinnamon if you want a more intense flavor — it’s the perfect cup of Amaretto flavored coffee.

#6. Strega


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This Italian liqueur features a bright yellow color and a herbal flavor that makes it stand out from the other liqueurs. Made in Benevento, Italy, the blend predominantly features juniper, mint, and saffron among 70 herbs, making a delicious and intriguing drink.

Often referred to as the “witches’ liqueur,” Strega creates an enchanting brew when combined with coffee. It is best added to dark roasted coffee and is the ideal after-dinner cup of coffee. It is smooth and rich and is the most suitable cup of beverage to end an indulgent meal.

#7. Fernet-Branca


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This popular brand of Amaro creates a delicious, one-of-a-kind beverage when combined with coffee. It is often described as minty with bold herbaceous flavors, courtesy of 27 herbs, roots, and spices incorporated in this liquor. It gives off bittersweet and spicy notes that perfectly match the earthy caffeine flavor.

Serve with some whipped cream and a sprinkle of fresh lemon zest to boost the sweet and nutty flavors of a well-brewed cup of Joe.

#8. Chambord


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Popularly used in Champagne cocktails and French martinis, Chambord is also a winner when paired with coffee. Chambord is a cognac-based liqueur that has lovely citrus and sweet vanilla notes with a fruity taste.

The delectable black raspberries of the Chambord add a sweet surprise to your hot coffee, making a traditional cup of coffee fun and fruity. You can also add it to your espresso to naturally sweetens an otherwise bitter and strong drink. Top it off with citrus peel and your favorite creamer to create an addictive concoction!

#9. Bourbon


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Also called Kentucky bourbon coffee, if you’ve never tried bourbon with coffee before, it’s time to change that! This delicious cocktail is a delectable after-dinner drink. It’s made with strongly brewed coffee, bourbon, cream, and sugar.

The concoction features a nutty, buttery flavor and has an impressively smooth consistency. You can also switch out the sugar for maple syrup and add some whipped cream on top for a delectable dessert!

#10. Schnapps


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In German, schnapps means a strong alcoholic drink that comes in an array of flavors including fruits, herbs, and spices. The most common flavors are apple, cinnamon, peach, and peppermint, and because of the fruity, sweet flavors, schnapps is a popular choice for both desserts and cocktails.

Butterscotch Schnapps, in particular, can work as a delicious addition to cold as well as hot coffee drinks. But you can also try out peppermint, cherry, or cinnamon schnapps to turn your coffee into a delightful dessert with a smooth finish.

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