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10 Cute And Fun Baby Blue Nails That Are Everyone’s Favorites

Baby blue is the shade of the sky on a wonderful sunny day — it is also one of the most calming, playful, and relaxing hues of the color blue.

Baby blue is a young, fresh, and romantic color that can add a lot of charm to your look when used as a nail color. It’s the perfect nail color to complement the sunny weather and goes with every outfit you plan to sport in the spring and summer! Not sure how to style baby blue nails? Keep reading for some fun inspiration.

What Does Baby Blue Nails Mean?


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Baby blue or light blue nail polish was supremely popular with teens on Tiktok in 2020. It became a viral trend with everyone trying to theorize what it meant.

Apparently, if you are in a relationship, baby blue nails are essentially code for “happily taken.” So, for everyone young and in love with someone (or themselves!), this nail trend is for you!

10 Babyblue Nail Ideas

#1. Baby Blue Nails With Cloudy Swirls


Image source: Pinterest

Since the color is so reminiscent of beautiful sunny days, what better way to style them on your nails than by using white nail polish to make a swirl pattern to make it look like a cloud against the baby blue sky? These are the perfect spring nails to sport and the perfect mani for a picnic date.

#2. Mermaid Gold Leaves


Image source: Pinterest

If you think that baby blue can’t be used for a fall nail look, you are so mistaken! Try adding metallic colors like copper, rust, or gold, and watch the innocent baby blue on your nails transition from a spring color into an autumn mani.

One easy metallic design to utilize for this mermaid mani is gold leaf. They are malleable and can easily be torn, so they will lay flat on the baby blue seamlessly.

#3. Baby Blue French Tips


Image source: Pinterest

Step away from the traditional white or beige French tips and make it fun and flirty by using baby blue for your French tips. This is a flawless nail look that can also work like a charm for brides looking for something blue on their special day!

#4. Baby Blue Daisy Nails


Image source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a more floral motif for a perfect spring day, create nail art with daisies set against a matte baby blue backdrop for an adorable and dainty manicure. Flowers are a go-to for spring, and while they might be predictable, they are a classic for a reason!

#5. Monochrome Blue Nails


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If you can’t decide on which shade of blue you would like to feature on your nails, why not do them all? Pick a few of your favorite shades of blue, including baby blue, cornflower blue, and navy blue, and pain each of your fingernails differently. Or you can go for five different colors for both hands!

#6. Matte Baby Blue Nails

Matte Baby Blue

Image source: Pinterest

Whether you are sporting long nails or loving keeping them short, you can’t go wrong with a classic matte mani. Baby blue matte nails are subtle and perfect whether for a casual date or even for your workplace.

#7. Ombre Baby Blue Nails

Ombre Baby Blue

Image source: Pinterest

Ombre will never go out of fashion. It’s a great subtle way to feature two colors or two of your favorite hues of the color blue. Our favorite way to do this is starting with a nude color before transitioning up to baby blue french tips. The ombre would look best with longer nails since you will really see the colors transition gradually.

#8. Baby Blue Flame Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Don’t think baby blue can be edgy? Try adding a royal blue flame design against a glossy baby blue nail! It will create an eye-catching color block with the contrast of the lighter and the darker blues. You can also use white outlines for more subtle flames.

#9. Baby Blue Snowflake Nails


Image source: Pinterest

An easy winter wonderland mani idea to adorn during the holiday season is adding details of snowflakes against a glittery baby blue topcoat. This is easy to do with a little detail brush and white nail polish!

#10. Baby Blue Gliterry Accent Nails


Image source: Pinterest

When you have a base nail color of matte or glossy baby blue, the possibilities for decorating them are endless! And this is where accent nails come in. Simply leave one nail without any decorations and go crazy with silver crystals or glitters for the other nails. The perfect manicure for medium to longer nails!

What Colors Go With Baby Blue Nails?


Image source: Pinterest

#1. White

To add an accent to a baby blue nail, white is one of the most complimentary colors. It would keep everything muted, subtle, and close to the pastel shade of baby blue. It will also help you create the ideal winter wonderland motif!

#2. Orange

Another color that goes well with baby blue is the color orange. Use a burnt orange hue with baby blue to signify fall, or you can use a more muted creamy orange with baby blue for a spring manicure look.

#3. Brown

Baby blue and brown might sound like an unorthodox pair, but if you choose the right shade of brown, it would be the perfect combo for a summer or an autumn look. You can use a metallic brown nail color for one accent nail or even a light brown color to create an ombre effect with the baby blue.

#4. Pink

The perfect romantic color to pair with baby blue is light pink. Whether you are adding flowers or butterflies against the blue color or using pink as the base coat with baby blur designs, this color combination will create a very otherworldly, fairytale vibe.

#5. Gold

One of the easiest colors to pair with baby blue is gold. You can use gold detailing to create intricate designs or add gold accents and even gold leaf, like on the mermaid nails design, to make the blue pop.

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