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Ramirez Canyon Park Garden Tours






Read the recent article in the Los Angeles Times about Ramirez Canyon Park.
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Experience the tranquil garden paradise of Ramirez Canyon Park, with docent-led canyon and garden tours. The one-hour walking tour covers the historical, botanical, and architectural background of the property, as well as its broader relationship to the Santa Monica Mountains. Visitors have an additional hour to enjoy tea on the Barn patio and to relax on the grounds.

Within the site’s boundary lie both an exquisitely beautiful designed landscape and a rich coastal wilderness. A visit to the park stimulates all senses and provides an uplifting retreat from the city.

Upon arriving, one is overwhelmed by the collaborative ensemble of nature, both native and exotic. The sounds of the year-round creek and rustling leaves soothe the spirit. Coastal breezes stir up the redolent scents of seasonal flowering plants. Native sycamore, California walnut and coast live oak form a canopy of shade over many of the walking paths. Nonindigenous trees such as pine, birch, palm and tulip magnolia have been added to the palette over the years. A terraced orchard contains an array of fruit trees; lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, peach, plum, and avocado. Landscaped meadows, lushly planted flower beds, intimate sitting areas, and picturesque bridges create a story book effect. It is truly an experience that can’t be missed.

Barbra Streisand donated this 22.5 acre estate to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy in December 1993. The Conservancy maintains its executive offices at Ramirez Canyon Park. The garden tours help maintain the property and support public outreach programs designed to serve disadvantaged youth and physically-challenged visitors.



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