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We know an important part of the outdoor experience is to enjoy it with your dog. We want this to be a pleasurable visit for you, your dog, and other park visitors. Dog rules and regulations may limit where you may go with your dog. Check the individual park website and at the entrance of each park for rules and regulations pertaining to dogs.

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On-Leash Dog Parks
Generally speaking, within all Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), and most National Park Service parkland in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, dogs are permitted on leash under owner’s immediate control. “Immediate control” means that degree of control that would prevent any uninvited contact between the dog and any person.

Check at each Conservancy and MRCA park for specific rules and for the National Park Service parkland in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

Off-Leash Dog Parks
At some large spacious areas unlikely to create user conflicts, dogs are permitted off-leash under their owner’s immediate control so long as the owner or person in possession of the dog (1)
exercises that degree of control that enables such person to recall the dog on command, and (2) has a leash on his person at all times so as to be able to restrain the dog if necessary. These include certain “dog parks” designated by local jurisdictions.

Off-leash dog parks in the Los Angeles area include:
Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park and posted areas in Laurel Canyon Park, Runyon Canyon Park, Griffith Park, Silverlake Recreation Area & Dog Park, and Hermon Dog Park.

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Dogs are not permitted in certain areas due to resource management issues. Dogs are not permitted at King Gillette Ranch. These areas are well marked. Dogs are not allowed on the backcountry trails of Topanga, Malibu Creek, Leo Carillo and Point Magu State Parks. For more information call the Angeles District at (818) 880-0350.

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