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As you drive along Mulholland Highway or Kanan Road, you could easily miss Rocky Oaks. Hidden between houses, roads and other signs of modern life, Rocky Oaks is home to a surprising number of plants and animals. Its fewer than 200 acres contain a diversity of wildlife habitats including a pond, oak woodland, grassland, coastal sage scrub and chaparral communities.

For thousands of years, Rocky Oaks provided people with food, shelter and materials. Ancestors of today’s Chumash survived on the abundant resources of the land, hunting animals and harvesting plants. European settlers brought agriculture to this area. The stock pond and much of the grassland habitat are remnants of that life-style. Agricultural operations at Rocky Oaks ended with the 1978 Kanan Fire.

Today, Rocky Oaks serves as a refuge for wildlife. Rocky Oaks is an undeveloped space in which animals can find food and shelter. It helps connect the habitats that make up the Santa Monica Mountains and allows animals to travel and rest. Rocky Oaks also gives its human guests a place to relax, picnic, stroll, view wildlife or introduce young hikers to the outdoors.

Address: Mulholland Hiighwway W. of Kanan Road, Malibu

Park Features:

September 30 - Summer Programs, King Gillette Ranch
September 30 - Summer Programs, Rocky Peak Park
September 30 - Summer Programs, Ballona Creek Trail and Bike Path
September 30 - Summer Programs, Pico Canyon
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