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Michael D. Antonovich Open Space

The 480-acre Michael D. Antonovich Open Space occupies some of the most densely wooded portions of the 4,000-acre Santa Clarita Woodlands. Trail access to the park is available from the East Canyon Trailhead along The Old Road in Newhall, from the Newhall Pass Trailhead on Weldon Canyon Road in the Newhall Pass, and from O’Melveny Park in Granada Hills. Trails from these three trailheads converge at the crest of the Santa Susana Mountains. From this point, the Oat Mountain Motorway follows the crest of the range westward, past the Ventura County line. The park features mixed woodlands comprised of bigcone Douglas-fir, bigleaf maple, coast live oak, California black walnut, native ash, and valley oak.

Address: 23801 The Old Road, Newhall

Park Features:

December 21 - 1pm, Native Ways, Franklin Canyon Park
December 23 - 11am, Little Nature Explorers, Vista Hermosa Natural Park
December 24 - 10am, River Life, Marsh Park
December 26 - 11am, Big Cats of the Mountains, Vista Hermosa Natural Park
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