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Chatsworth Park South

Nestled against the Simi Hills in the West Valley, Chatsworth Park South is one of the richest recreation spots in the area. A haven for hikers and rock climbers, its more than 100 acres of natural beauty range from grassy turf to densely wooded hills and rock formations. Its familiar terrain has been the site for many western films. It is also home to the Chatsworth Historical Society, and the Hill-Palmer Cottage, one of the Valley's original homesteads.

Trailblazers and equestrians will delight in the many paths and trails leading through hill and ravine. The grounds are also well-equipped for other recreational activities, with both the north and south sections of the park hosting baseball, softball and soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, plus playgrounds and picnic areas with tables and BBQ grills.

This park has a two kilometer trail that circles three quarters of the way around the park. The Old Stagecoach Equestrian Trail, carved in the hills in the 1800's, begins in this park and travels up to Santa Susana Pass. Additionally, there are numerous trails leading out of this park to the north, west, and south.

Trailhead: Chatsworth Park South is located on the western end of Devonshire.

Address: 22360 Devonshire Street, Chatsworth
Phone: (818) 341-6595

Park Features:

September 30 - Summer Programs, King Gillette Ranch
September 30 - Summer Programs, Rocky Peak Park
September 30 - Summer Programs, Ballona Creek Trail and Bike Path
September 30 - Summer Programs, Pico Canyon
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